This article is about Zelda's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Princess Zelda.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Zelda
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Alternate form Sheik
Availability Starter
Tier B (15)

Zelda is a starter character and one of two representatives of The Legend of Zelda universe on the starting roster alongside Link. She has the ability to transform into Sheik to gain access to a second set of moves.

Zelda is ranked 15th on the Tier List. Zelda has very powerful moves which strike very fast and allow her to KO her opponents quickly. Zelda also has the very powerful Transform move which not only deals damage, but can insta-KO under the right conditions. She can also use her lightning kicks to get cheap insta-kills as well.

Despite this, Zelda is one of the slowest characters in the game, has no projectiles, and has limited range, giving her a terrible offensive game. She also suffers against sword users and projectile-oriented characters for the same reasons.

Still, Zelda has a very strong defensive game, and can transform into Sheik in order to counteract her weaknesses. Because of this, she ranks in the dead-center of the tier list.


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Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Shining Palm Zelda NA SSF
Side attack Magical Push Zelda SA SSF
Up attack Lightning Kick Zelda UA SSF
Down attack Nayru's Love / Transform Zelda DA SSF
Down aerial Meteor Heel Zelda AA SSF

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