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This article is about Wario's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For the character in general, see Wario. For other contexts, see Wario (disambiguation).
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Wario
Wario symbol
Universe Wario
Availability Starter
Weight class Medium-heavy
Tier C (30)

Wario is a playable veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2 and the only character representation of the Wario universe. His overall design is directly based on his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U appearance, mixing some animations from said games, as well, as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, including his voice clips. As such, Wario's moveset is also partially based on the one he has in the official Super Smash Bros. games, also sharing some similarities with his Project M moveset.

Wario is currently ranked 30th of C tier on the current tier list (the lowest ranked character in the game); a drop from his 26th place of C tier last tier list. Wario has a good air game, decent combo ability, a good grab and throw game and kill moves in his forward smash, Shoulder Bash (in the move's final frames), down throw, dash attack, the first hit of neutral air and his signature move, the Wario Waft. Wario lacks a projectile, but can deal with them by using his down and forward smash, dash attack and Shoulder Bash. Wario has a good air game with his aerials having good priority and Wario having good air acceleration.

Wario suffers from short range (possessing the shortest grab range) which makes him vulnerable to characters with disjointed hitboxes (ex. Meta Knight, Lloyd). Wario posses above average weight and is a high faller, which allows him to be comboed easily by most of the cast. He has problems with KOing his opponents outside of using Wario Waft because most of his attacks are short ranged, predictable and easy to avoid. Due to his poor ground mobility, poor range and lack of a projectile he has one of the worst approach options in the game.

Wario appears to have a small player base and poor representation in online tournaments. The few Wario players do not actively participate and the few who do participate, do not place high.


MG icon See also: Wario (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Wario can be described as an unorthodox character due to his attributes. Wario's down smash, forward smash, dash attack and Shoulder Bash gives him ways to deal with projectiles. He has powerful finishers in his forward smash, shoulder bash (in the moves final frames), dash attack, first hit of neutral air, down throw and the Wario Waft (depending how long it has been charged). He has great air speed with most of his aerials having good priority which gives him a good air game and good approach options in the air. He has effective combo starters in his down smash, down tilt, Chomp and up tilt. Due to Wario's size, he is not as susceptible to shield stabbing like other characters. He has a good grab game with his forward and up throw being chain grabs on big characters and fast fallers while they are good combo starters on other characters. His down and back throws can be used as KO moves, especially his back throw due to its lack of use at early percentages letting it be saved up. Wario's weight and falling speed makes him a hard character to KO. Even though he lacks a projectile, Wario has good camping ability.

However, Wario suffers from poor range (having the shortest grab in the current demo) which leaves him is vulnerable to characters with disjointed hitboxes (ex. Ichigo and Sora). Due to not having a projectile, poor ground mobility and reach in his attacks gives him problems approaching on the ground.

His recovery is predictable and gives him trouble recovering against good edge guarders.

Due to his above average weight and being a high faller, he is susceptible to certain chain grabs. His down air meteor smash is very risky to use due to Wario not being able to do anything unless he hits an opponent and he is unable to grab ledges.


Ground attacks

  • Standard attack 1: Does a punch. 5%
  • Standard attack 2: Does a hook, while moving forward. 5%
  • Down tilt: Swipes in front of him with his hand while crouching. 6%
  • Down smash: Does an Earthshake Punch from "Wario Land: Shake It!". 10% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Can out-prioritize most projectiles.
  • Side tilt: Does strong punch. 10%
  • Forward smash: Cocks his fist back, and does a strong backhanded punch off one leg. 19% uncharged, 27% fully charged.
  • Up tilt: Raises both hands in the air. 7%
  • Up smash: Spins around, hurting opponents with his head, hitting multiple times. 13% uncharged, 19% fully charged.
  • Dash attack: Wario dives to the ground and slides forward. 10%

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Stretches out hands and legs in a skydiver pose and spins. First hit 9%, second hit 4%
  • Forward aerial: Flying forwards kick. 9%
  • Back aerial: Wario thrusts his head backwards.
  • Up aerial: Claps both hands onto the opponent. Great juggling and KOs at 120% damage. 11%
  • Down aerial: Wario turns upside down and spins, drilling with his head. 13%

Grabs and throws

  • Grab: Reaches forward with his hand. The shortest grab range in the current demo.
  • Pummel: Shakes opponent (a reference to the shake move from Wario Land: Shake it!). 1% first hit, 1% for all proceeding hits.
  • Forward throw : Wario hits opponents with his butt.
  • Back throw : Wario spins around and throws the opponent.
  • Up throw: Wario tosses the opponent up and bumps them with his head.
  • Down throw: Ground pounds on opponents.


Special moves

Standard special move Chomp
Side special move Shoulder Bash
Up special move Corkscrew
Down special move Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man


  • Entrance: Comes from a Purple Warp Pipe.
  • Taunts:
    • Standard: Wario laughs so hard that his jaw gets stuck, so he has to forcefully put it back in place with his hands.
    • Side: Wario shakes his butt while snickering.
    • Down: Wario yells, "Wa, wa, wa!" while putting up 3 fingers for each "Wa!" which supposedly symbolizes the "W" for Wario, and holds up 6 fingers in the last "Wa!" while facing the screen.
  • Fanfare: Stage Clear theme from Wario Land: Shake It!.
  • Win: Shows off his muscles and says, "Yes!".
  • Lose: Looks away and fumes, without clapping.

Changes from v0.9a

Wario has received mainly nerfs, with a few buffs to compensate him. The nerfs to Wario has made him a less effective character overall.

Ground attacks

  • Nerf Wario can no longer pseudo-crawl with down tilt.
  • Nerf Forward smash is weaker and has less freeze frames.

Grabs and throws

  • Nerf Up throw appears to deal more knockback, thus making it harder to chain grab with.

Special moves

  • Buff Chomp now has a hitbox at the end of the move when Wario closes his mouth.
  • Nerf Corkscrew now covers less vertical distance.
  • Buff Shoulder Bash no longer puts Wario into a helpless state.
    • Nerf However, due to the duration of the move makes it dangerous to use as a recovery move.
  • Nerf Wario Waft is weaker, takes longer to charge and the size of the hitbox is smaller.

In competitive play

Notable Players

iFart (aka God of Farts, iFart-Taichou, Lord iFart, iFart-sama, et al.)

Tier placement history When Wario was first introduced; he was seen as a mid-low tier character. In the tier lists for demo v0.7; Wario ranked 11th of C tier on the first list and 12th of E tier on the second list. In demo v0.8b; he had a huge leap where he ranked 1st of S tier. In demo v0.9a; Wario was originally seen as one of the worst characters in the demo, but ranked 12th when players started noticing his strengths and is considered an mid-high tier character. In demo v0.9b, the changing metagame of other characters, the addition of new ones and lackluster changes to Wario brought him down to be 28th in C tier. The changing metagame didn't help Wario by much where he rose to 26th of C tier, but he is still seen as a bottom tier character.


Palette swaps

Wario Palettes





  • So far, Wario has the most differences when compared to his official Super Smash Bros. counterpart:
    • His in-game appearance uses his purple overalls and yellow cap appearance from the Wario Land and Mario series instead of his biker outfit from the WarioWare games.
    • He is the only character to have a least one different smash, aerial and special attack.
    • He is the only veteran character who has a completely different victory theme.
    • Wario is the only character with a different entrance.
  • Wario, along with Naruto, Jigglypuff, Sora, Lloyd and Mega Man, is one of the few characters to have a "Defeated/No Contest" pose where the characters do not clap to the winner. As stated above, he angrily looks away instead.
  • Wario's previous sprites in the game were used in AnimationRewind's Cartoon Fight Club.
  • Wario and Peach are the only two characters that have been both first and last in separate tier lists. In Wario's case, he was first in the 0.8b tier list, and last in the 0.9b third tier list.

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