Wall of Face
Wall of face
Fury making their way, destroying the yellow blocks.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Level number 8
Wall of Face

Wall of Face is the eighth of the puzzle-platforming level Yeah Jam Fury. The player must beat Find Your Footing and Look Left to access this level.


Wall of Face is a tinier than usual map, full of yellow blocks which will not let the characters pass, unless the player destroys them with Fury.

Best times

Rank User Best time
1 Noodoru 00:00:02.46
2 N1Fighter 00:00:02.63
3 normaluser 00:00:02.73
4 MaxMatsu 00:00:02.93
5 misternighter 00:00:03.33
6 TheWillyboo 00:00:03.33
7 darkhat 00:00:03.36
8 BAD-177 00:00:03.46
9 warrque 00:00:03.70
10 th3shinigami 00:00:03.96

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