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The Wall jump is technique that certain characters, such as Pikachu and Sonic, are able to perform in Super Smash Flash 2. Wall jumping was not present in Super Smash Flash due to the limited physics of the game. Wall jumping is when a character, who is close to a wall, is able to jump off of it.

The ability of Wall jumping first became present in Super Smash Bros. Melee and has returned in each subsequent sequel. In Melee, wall jumping could be performed by tilting the control stick in the opposite direction of the wall. However, in Brawl, wall jumping could be performed by pressing up while next to a wall. This feature was added in SSF2.

However, while only a handful of characters can perform a wall jump, all characters are able to perform a Wall tech jump.


  • Sonic[1] and Pikachu were both able to wall jump in SSF2 demo v0.8b. However, there were no wall jump animations, Pikachu could do only one, Sonic's got weaker every time he wall jumped without touching the ground (Brawl style), and they could do it only in Central Highway and Twilight Town. In v0.9, Sonic and Pikachu can only wall jump on Central Highway on the right side of the bridges. There is a glitch that makes Sonic wall jump on one of the bridges that disappears making it look like he is wall jumping off the air.



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