Universe Mario
User Peach

Vegetable (野菜ひっこ抜き, Yasai hikkonuki, lit. Vegetable Uprooting) is Peach's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2, originating from the game Super Mario Bros. 2. Peach pulls a vegetable out of the ground and throws it at the opponent. She can also pull out turnips on platforms or planes that are not on the ground but obviously, she cannot pluck vegetables in the air. Turnips will out-prioritize all other projectiles in the game, including those with transcendent priority. There are many random faces in the turnips which do their respective damage, begin a "happy" face that does 7% and to a "stitch" face doing 36% with good knockback. There is a chance that Peach will pluck out the Pokémon Oddish, which deals a weak 2%, has very little knockback, and cannot be thrown vertically, but stays on the battlefield longer than any other turnip and will deal poison damage over time. Once the Oddish hits a character, it sounds its cry from the Pokémon games. Occasionally, Peach will pull something else out of the ground, such as a Bob-omb or a Beam Sword but those chances are extremely rare. Note that no matter where Peach is facing, she will always throw her turnips from the left side if she throws them vertically. When playing Team battle, turnips can damage allies.


Early design


  • In demo v0.7, Peach was able pull out a golden vegetable with an "Awesome Face" on it, which was able to deal up to 105% and had extreme knockback. However, due to balancing concerns, as well as the very luck-based dynamic created by it, this turnip type was removed in v0.8a.

Standard special move Toad
Side special move Peach Bomber
Up special move Peach Parasol
Down special move Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom

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