The Legend of Zelda symbol
Universe The Legend of Zelda
User Sheik

Vanish (浮身) is Sheik's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Sheik disappears in an explosion and reappears in another place influenced by the directional keys. During the start up she's granted intangibility frames and in the air can steer left or right slightly and is able to grab the ledge. The explosion can damage anyone caught by it for 10% with moderate knockback.

Upon reappearing, the attack has a strong wind hitbox that can push opponents far away and even KO them if the player is caught by surprise. The wind is considered a projectile and as such it can be reflected, potentially gimping Sheik should this happen; she still falls into helpless state if she's pushed this way, even if she landed onstage before being launched (unless her special landing lag ended before leaving the platform). Landing with Vanish directly on a platform produces heavy lag.


Standard special move Needle Storm
Side special move Bouncing Fish
Up special move Vanish
Down special move Transform
Final Smash Light Arrow

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