Pit up throwing Wario.

An up throw is a throw performed by pressing the up button after having grabbed the opponent. Generally, up throws send the enemy flying upwards, and they are usually used primarily as setups.

List of Up throws in Super Smash Flash 2

Character Up throw Damage
Mario Throws the enemy up into the air with both hands. 8%
Ichigo Throws the enemy above him, then uses Shunpo to disappear and reappear to slash them further up. 7%
Bankai Ichigo Puts the enemy above himself, then thrusts his sword at them, sending him/her on a diagonal angle upwards. 9%
Kirby Jumps with enemy upwards and violently slams them onto the ground. This move comes from Ninja Kirby from Kirby Super Star. 9%
Link Throws the enemy above him, then slahes him/her up further up. 8%
Sonic Hits them in ball form, then jumps up in ball form and hits the enemy up further. 2 hits. 8% each. 16% total.
Super Sonic Does a flip kick, sending the victim up into the air. 14%
Sora Slams opponent upwards with his keyblade. Similar to his up smash in appearance. 6%
Naruto A clone appears on the other side of the opponent and hits him/her up, and a second one would appear and hit him/her further up. Clones do 5% each. 10% total.
Kyūbi Naruto Slashes his opponent upwards with his claws. 11%
Ness Uses his PSI powers to spin the enemy in a small circle above his head, then he pyschokinectally throws the enemy upwards. 10%
Tails Carries the opponent into the air and drop kicks the opponent. 5%
Lloyd Slashes them above himself with the Vorpal Sword (like his up tilt), then he thrusts his Flameberge straight up (like his up smash). First hit 6%. Second hit 7%. 13% total.
Mega Man Air Shooter; carries his opponent upwards slowly with a little tornado. First 6 hits 1% each. 7th hit 7%. 13% total.
Goku Hit the enemy upwards with his arm with a little jump. 9%
Goku (Kaiō-ken) Same as Goku's, except stronger. 11%
Super Saiyan Goku Jumps in the air with the victim, then crashes brutally into the ground, slamming the enemy onto it with a little explosion. Simliar to Kirby's up throw in appearance. 36%
Wario Punches opponent upwards while he show off his muscles. 6%
Wario-Man Puts the opponent above him, then hits them with an Wario stick figure, hitting him/her upwards. 12%
Peach Throws the enemy upward with both hands. First hit 3%. Second hit 6%. 9% total.
Black Mage Puts the enemy above himself, then he transforms his hat into Cactuar and throws catcus tags at the enemy. First 5 hits 1%. 6th hit 4%. 9% total.
Captain Falcon Hits the opponent upwards with his wrist. First hit 3%. Second hit 4%. 7% total.
Donkey Kong Throws his enemy upward into the air. 9%
Fox Throws victim upwards, then takes out his Blaster and fires three shots at him/her. Throw 9%. Blaster shots 1% each. 12% if all three shots hit.
Pikachu Throws the enemy above himself, and headbutts them upwards. 10%
Yoshi Spits out the enemy above himself. 5%
Bomberman Swings the victim around in a circle, then throws him/her diagonally upwards. 6%
Meta Knight Carries the opponent upwards, then violently slams him/her onto the ground. Simliar to Kirby's in appearance. 12%
Jigglypuff Spins the opponent around in a circle, then throws him/her straight upwards. 8%
Samus Brings the opponent above her with the Plasma Beam, then zaps him/her with the whip a few times before launching the victim upwards. First 5 zaps 1% each. 6th zap 4%. 9% total.
Sheik Places the opponent above her, then flips upside down and kicks him/her upwards with both feet. 6%
Zelda Telekinectally throws the opponent upwards. 9%
Zero Suit Samus Flips into the air and kicks the opponent. 2%
Marth Powerful upward throw with one arm. 4%
Chibi-Robo Throws the opponent in the air and uses the Chibi-Blaster on them. 10%
Isaac Unknown. Unknown.
Bowser Bowser tosses foe upwards, retreats into his shell, and spins, damaging the foe with his spikes. Unknown.

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