Supporting universes

These are the various franchises that have not been recognized as primary universes by any Super Smash Flash game, and this is indicated by the fact these franchises do not carry their own series symbols. As a general rule, such universes lack any playable characters or stages in the games, but any of the following franchises contributes an item, Assist Trophy, music, or some other minor element. Like in the original Super Smash Bros. games, the universe may be assigned the property and its respective franchise the Super Smash Bros. series symbol.

Universe Description
Balloon Fight An action video game series created by Nintendo focusing on an unnamed Balloon Fighter with two balloons attached to his helmet whose mission is to pop the enemy Balloon Fighters's balloons, without getting his own balloons popped while avoiding falling in the water, getting eaten by the large fish, or getting hit by a lightning. It spawned a rather obscure Game boy sequel titled Balloon Kid. An obstacle from the original game, the Flipper, is among the items selection in both Super Smash Flash games.
Clu Clu Land These series comprises only one game developed by Nintendo and released back in 1984 on the Famicom. The player has to guide a female balloonfish called Bubbles as she swims around in a maze trying to uncover all the golden Ingots while also avoiding dangerous sea urchins called Unira and other threats. Due to its hazardous nature, Unira in one of the items that can appear during matches in SSF2; once it is thrown, it sprouts out its spikes, sticking on the surface, and damaging any passersby.
Excite A series of racing games published by Nintendo which, unlike other racing titles, feature very fast-paced gameplay with tracks filled with obstacles. The series started with the release of Excitebike for the NES where the player takes the role of a motocross rider to race solo or against computer-assisted riders, against a certain time limit and qualify for the "Excitebike championship". It was succeeded by two direct sequels: Excitebike 64 for the Nintendo 64 and Excitebike: World Rally for the Wii; it also spawned two spiritual successors: Excite Truck and Excitebots: Trick Racing. A set of multiple Excitebike riders appear when released from an Assist Trophy, damaging any opponents that come in their way.
SimCity An open-ended city-building series originally designed by developer Will Wright and originally published by Maxis (now a division of Electronic Arts) and has spawned several different editions that have sold worldwide, with the first game in the series, SimCity, published in 1989. The SNES version of SimCity was developed and published by Nintendo in 1991, though it features the same gameplay and scenario features, the company also incorporated their own ideas. One of these is the inclusion of an adviser for the player called Dr. Wright. This character can be released from an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Flash 2 to summon a pile of skyscrapers that violently "grow" from the ground, damaging any opponents that come in contact with them.
The Legendary Starfy A video game series developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo described more as a "marine platform", due to the game being more about swimming than running and jumping around. Starfy, the protagonist of the series and the most recurring playable character of the same, can be released from an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Flash 2, once he's out, he lets his cheerful personality to bright walking around minding his own business, but once he glances at the summoner's opponents, Starfy will execute his signature "Star Spin" move, continuously damaging any opponents that come in contact with him. It is possible to attack Starfy to prevent him from attacking.
Dillon's Rolling Western These series was developed by Vanpool and published by Nintendo as downloadable games for the Nintendo 3DS. The original Dillon's Rolling Western, released in 2012, combines elements of 3D exploration, action sequences and tower defense games where its protagonist is the aforementioned Dillon, an armadillo who must defend frontier villages from walking rock-like enemies called Groks. A direct sequel titled Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger was later released on 2013. Using exactly the method or curling into a ball and rolling into opponents, Dillon is one the many Assist Trophy characters in Super Smash Flash 2.
Viewtiful Joe A third-party franchise developed by Capcom that tells the story about Joe, an avid movie-goer whose girlfriend Silvia is kidnapped during a film starring Joe's favorite superhero, Captain Blue. Joe is shortly thereafter thrust into Movieland, where Silvia is taken by the villainous group known as Jadow. After accepting a special V-Watch from Captain Blue, Joe transforms into the tokusatsu-style persona Viewtiful Joe and sets out to rescue her. Using his Mach Speed and throwing Voomerangs, Viewtiful Joe is an Assist Trophy set to appear in Super Smash Flash 2. joe is unique in the sense he has been worked to work almost exactly as if he was playable, able to detect players more than any other AT.

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