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Trinity Limit
User(s) SSF2 Sora head
Type Trapping
Effect Sora unleashes a barrage of multiple sword strikes, while moving around the stage.

Trinity Limit (トリニティリミット) is Sora's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sora lifts his Keyblade into the air to create an orb that traps opponents that make contact with it. If Sora traps any opponents, he will then attack them with a barrage of quick spinning strikes in place with his Keyblade. As he slashes, he can also move with the opponent in any direction that the player directs him in. After the barrage of slashes, he will disappear and then reappear in front of the opponent to deliver a final strike that knocks them away with high knockback.


Trinity Limit KH

Sora doing Trinity Limit in KINGDOM HEARTS.


Sora performing his solo Trinity Limit attack in KINGDOM HEARTS II.

Trinity Limit is a recurring special technique in the KINGDOM HEARTS series in which the user uses teamwork to unleash a powerful attack. It was first used by Sora in the original KINGDOM HEARTS, in which Sora lifts up his Keyblade and draws in red orbs that appear from his friends Donald Duck and Goofy. He then leaps into the air and performs a back somersault before plunging his Keyblade into the ground, which summons a large energy wave that attacks all the enemies within the area. In KINGDOM HEARTS II, the move has a second variant that is performed solo, in which Sora instead delivers a series of ten powerful midair slashes, with the final slash being a more powerful lunging blow that pierces the enemy.

In SSF2, the Final Smash mixes both variations of Trinity Limit: at first it uses Sora's group Trinity Limit where Sora lifts his Keyblade into the air, and then it transitions into Sora's solo Trinity Limit where he starts unleashing powerful strikes onto the opponent. However, unlike in the original game, Sora performs the first part of the move by himself.



Early designs


  • Prior to v0.8a of the SSF2 Demo, the player originally had to press the special button with a certain timing in order to keep attacking, otherwise the attack ended prematurely.
  • Prior to v0.9b of the demo, it was possible to deal a streak of three attacks by pressing the button at the correct moment, being capable of dealing up to 999% of damage in a single activation.
  • Prior to Beta, Sora would summon his friends Donald Duck and Goofy to assist him with the first part of the attack, mimicking its original function in KINGDOM HEARTS.
Sora's special moves
Standard special move Strike Raid
Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
Final Smash Trinity Limit