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Neo FD
Sora's down special move.
User Sora

Thundaga (サンダガ) was Sora's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Sora points his Keyblade straight up and shoots a lightning bolt in front of him from above dealing 10% damage. This move, however, suffers from a rather iffy range, as well as a moderate amount of start-up lag as well the lack of mobility and knockback that a similar move, Thunder, has. However, it is able to go through platforms and mostly used for edgeguarding. If Sora uses this move in midair when being knocked off the stage, it will stop, slowing down Sora's falling speed for about a second. This move can be used to block projectiles. It is now a part of Sora's new down special move, Command Deck.


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  • The animation for Sora summoning Thundaga does not last the start-up lag it takes for the actual lightning bolt to hit the ground.

Standard special move Strike Raid
Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
Final Smash Trinity Limit

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