The Boost and Fling
The Boost And Fling
Jam preparing to boost again.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Level number 7
The Boost and Fling

The Boost and Fling is the seventh of the puzzle-platforming game Yeah Jam Fury. This is the first locked level in the game and to access it, one must clear Find Your Footing and Look Left.


The Boost and Fling is a little more difficult than the previous ones, since the player has to combine the three alter egos abilities at the right time, but, without respawning, this level may be the first real "challenge".

Best times

Rank User Best time
1 warrque 00:00:04.66
2 N1Fighter 00:00:05.96
3 Noodoru 00:00:06.16
4 Eggplantoftime 00:00:06.43
5 normaluser 00:00:06.69
6 Gokuless 00:00:07.56
7 HaloFanz 00:00:08.03
8 tdemidio 00:00:08.09
9 misternighter 00:00:08.72
10 darkhero77 00:00:09.06

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