Link latching on to the ledge with his Clawshot, this works as a tether recovery.

A tether recovery is a type of recovery move in Super Smash Flash 2 where the player latches onto the side of the stage with an extendable projectile. If there is a nearby ledge when this is used, the projectile used as a tether recovery will make the character automatically snap to it. If the ledge is currently occupied when a tether recovery is used, it will fail to grab. If a player ledge-drops after tethering, they can re-tether. Tether recovery is one of the most difficult technique to use, this is because if missed, the character will have a hard time recovering back to the platform.

How to use

It is used by pressing either the grab button or performing the special move, depending on the character's tether recovery method, when you are about to go below the surface of the stage. The projectile used in tether recovery can also be used to attack opponents when we are not falling from the stage. It will always hit forward even if we are moving backward. However, there are some edges where tether recovery cannot grab, such as the giant wheel in Yoshi's Island, broken roads in Central Highway, etc.

Characters who can use tether recoveries

Tether recovery was introduced in Super Smash Flash 2 in v0.4a. At first, Link was the only character that had a tether recovery. In v0.9aSamus was introduced as another character with a tether recovery. Zero Suit Samus was introduced in demo v0.9b as another character who can perform a tether recovery. However, she can only perform a tether recovery with her special moves. Luffy was later introduced in Beta, and he could only perform a tether recovery using his special moves.

All of these tether recoveries can grab the ledge even when it's being occupied by knocking the opponent off the ledge and grabbing it immediately. However, this requires precise timing to knock the opponent off and grab the ledge at the same time.