Bleach symbol
Bankai Ichigo's up special move.
Universe Bleach
User Bankai Ichigo

Tenburenjin (天舞連刃, Heavenly Waltz Chained Blade) is Bankai Ichigo's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Bankai Ichigo pauses before dashing diagonally upwards at an incredible speed. If Bankai Ichigo comes into contact with an opponent, he will start slashing wildly at them, teleportation and flash-stepping around them at an unescapable speed, hitting them multiple times before knocking them away, dealing 43% damage if all hits connect. During the attack, Ichigo moves so fast that he creates five afterimages of himself. And if an opponent gets within range of the afterimages, he/she would also be trapped in the attack.

This attack is not very good at knockback compared with Ichigo's other attacks, but it is a very effective damage stacker. Because the attack would knock the opponent(s) straight up, usually diagonally depending on the opponent's damage, Ichigo could easily connect the attack many times consecutively. It's possible to KO another player on the upper blast line, if performed correctly.


Standard special move Kuroi Getsuga
Side special move Yami Shunpō
Up special move Tenburenjin
Down special move Multislash

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