Samus Taunts

Samus' various taunts.

A taunt is a special movement that characters can perform in Super Smash Flash 2 to mock, provoke, or annoy the opponent(s). Taunts can be also used to show off after knocking out an opponent and to "taunt" an enemy to come closer, but taunts have little to no effect on the battle itself. Most taunts do not inflict damage, and the ones that do are very weak. There are three types of taunts: a standard taunt, a side taunt and a down taunt; each is performed similarly to a special move. Taunting is one of the many aspects left out from the original Super Smash Flash.

List of taunts

These are the taunts already confirmed and currently present in the current version of the game. It should be noted that while it is confirmed all characters will eventually have three taunts, not all characters possess the three of them, with some recycling the same taunt for other spots.

Character Standard Side Down
Bandana Dee Waves forward, making a pose while the 1-UP sound effect from the Kirby games plays.
Black Mage Spins and raises a hand into the air while a small melody from the FINAL FANTASY fanfare plays. Faces the screen and opens his arms while rising, seeming intimidating. Takes out a lute and begins playing a melody of the FINAL FANTASY theme. If he is under the effect of a Metal Box, a metal remix of the FINAL FANTASY victory theme will play instead.
Bomberman Jumps up happily while pumping his fists. Spins once and makes the peace sign.
Bowser Throws his head back and roars. The smoke that emits from Bowser's mouth can deal 2% damage and send the opponent in the opposite direction from where Bowser was facing.
Captain Falcon Salutes to the camera and says "Show me ya moves!". Jumps back, extends his hand out, and says "Come on!" Same as standard.
Chibi-Robo Pulls out a panel with a check on it. Poses and then pulls out a panel with a "X" on it. Same as standard.
Donkey Kong Faces the camera and shrugs his shoulders, making a confused noise. Faces the camera, smiling and holding a banana.
Falco Kicks his Reflector around like a hacky sack and says "Piece of cake!" before catching it. Poses by standing on one foot with his wing raised before saying "Don't try me!". Spins once and crosses one wing before saying "Hands off my prey!".
Fox Makes a red flashing aura around him saying, "Here I come!"
Goku Happily raises up two fingers to show the sign of peace. Thrusts his head forward, yelling, commonly referred to as the Big Head Yell. Powers up, releasing a white and blueish aura around him similarly to initiating Kaiō-ken.
Kaiō-ken: Powers up, releasing a red aura around him.
Ichigo Points his sword in front of him and says: お前を斬るぜ. Slashes his sword to his side and says "Don't regret!" in Japanese. Ichigo attempts to put on a headband, fails and drops it, falls to his knees in embarrassment, and then comes back up.
Isaac Looks forward while putting one hand on his forearm, then stretches one of his hands out and places the other one on the hilt of his sword, flexing his legs and chuckling. Does a little hop, summons a giant white Psynergy hand, and sits on it for a bit. The hand then dissipates and Isaac lands back on the ground.
Jigglypuff Spins on one leg around and says "Jigglypuff!" while puffing up a little. Spins very fast on one leg then stops and has its arm pointed upward while looking in the direction it's pointing. Puffs up and then deflates, floating slowly to the ground in a flat form before landing and re-inflating.
Kirby Waves his arms saying "Hiii!"
Link Performs his battle stance from Super Smash Bros.. Takes out a fairy that appears similar to Navi from Ocarina of Time. The fairy then proceeds to fly around as Link watches it until it returns to his pocket. Swings his sword twice and twirls it behind him before sheathing it. It is similar to his victory pose in Twilight Princess.
Lloyd Takes a battle pose, holding both swords out, while saying "Come on, bring it!"
Luffy Launches both hands upwards while saying "I did it!" in Japanese. Curls both arms into a coil and poses twice.
Luigi Does various humorous poses very quickly: makes the peace symbol; leans forward and points his hands forward; makes a thinking pose; turns away from the screen, crouching; and lastly, faces the screen again, with both hands on his face, giving a frightened look, similar to the box art of Luigi's Mansion. Stands straight up with hands on hips, falls forward stiff on the floor, then balance himself back up again, while saying "Pow pow". Bashfully kicks the ground and sighs. The kick deals damage and can Meteor Smash opponents.
Mario Takes off his hat, twirls around, and puts his hat back on, similar to the level clear animation from New Super Mario Bros.. Spins in the air and falls to the ground with his legs in the air. This is a reference to his dying animation from Donkey Kong. Mario goes into his Super Mario Bros. stance and grows big as if collecting a Super Mushroom, then he returns to normal size.
Marth Twirls his sword, then raises it in front of him saying "皆、見ていてくれ!". Points the Falchion skyward with a quick spark of light emitting at the tip.
Mega Man Transforms his hand into a cannon, and makes a pose. Turns and strikes a pose, with his back facing the camera and one of his hands turned into a cannon, as he smiles. Teleports off of the stage, and soon teleports back.
Meta Knight He flaps his wings while saying "Come!" tauntingly. Says "Fight me!", while examining his sword, slashing twice, and finally pointing his sword in front of him. Wraps himself in his cape, as if teleporting via his down special.
Mr. Game & Watch Rings his bell at a high angle. Leans back and points diagonally upwards. Sits down and sighs. Based on Mario Bros. (Game & Watch). This taunt is able to push opponents that are standing in front of Mr. Game & Watch when used.
Naruto Uses the Orioke no Jutsu (おいろけの術) and giggles. Takes a Kunai and slashes out with it while laughing. Summons a bunch of Shadow Clones, each one smiling with a raised fist while doing the same pose as the clones.
Ness Faces the camera and nods his head, saying, "Okay.". Points his baseball bat forward proudly. Fires a series of sparkles in front of himself.
PAC-MAN Lays down while Blinky, Pinky and music notes hover over him while a musical tune plays. Moves side to side while in his blob form 3 times. Performs a "NAMCO Roulette", which summons classic NAMCO items, characters and enemies, similarly to Bonus Fruit. It is one of only two taunts in the game with variable effects.
Peach Spins around once. She then winks and points with her index finger in a somewhat bent posture and says "Uh-huh!" Dances in a taunting manner as little music notes flutter around her, while singing a little tune similar to "Ring Around the Rosie".
Pichu N/A N/A N/A
Pikachu Waves with both hands while saying "Pika, Pika!". Rolls around the floor like a dog while saying "Pikaaaa!". Squats and generates electricity around itself while saying "Piiiiii!"
Pit Holds his blades in each hand and spreads out his arms and wings, as a few feathers are loosed from his wings. Crouches down, then spins his blades, one on each hand, before standing up and crossing them over his head, saying "Come on!".
Samus Swipes her hand away from her helmet as if saluting. Faces the screen and demonstrates the Arm Cannon mechanics. Holding her arm cannon with her left hand, she aims behind her, then kneels and aims lower in front of her.
Sandbag Falls flat on the ground, then goes back up. Very similar to Luigi's side taunt. Very quickly squishes himself. Can be used as endlag (or faster startup) for his dash. Spin once vertically while a random comical sound effect, such as those emitted by Mr. Saturn or when a Party Ball opens in the Super Smash Bros. games, plays.
Sheik Gets in a stance and raises her hand up. Handstands on one hand.
Sonic Does a backflip and poses, tutting. Runs in place while saying "You're too slow!". Breakdances while saying "Come on, step it up!".
Sora Holds the Keyblade behind his head while saying "Whatever.". Spins the Kingdom Key in the air while saying "Back off!". He then twirls it with the same hand he threw it in the air with before twirling it with his other hand. Jiminy Cricket jumps out of Sora's pocket and says "+1".
Tails Faces the camera and jumps while saying "Yes!". Spins once and poses facing the camera, saying "Yeah!". The pose is similar to a pose he makes in Sonic Generations. Takes out a Game Gear and plays on it for as long as the taunt button is held down, which plays chiptunes from Tails Adventure. It is one of the only taunts in the game with variable effects.
Wario Laughs with his mouth wide open, then closes it with his hands. Shakes his butt as if showing a full moon. Wario faces the camera and makes a "W" sign with one hand, then the other, then both at the same time. He yells "Wa, wa, WA!" in time with each "W" pose.
Yoshi Spins around and does a little dance. At the end, he jumps and says "Yoshi!". Chases his tail in circles, like a dog. Jumps cheerfully and waves his hands, while making a noise that sounds like part of his name.
Zelda Faces the camera and charges up Din's Fire. Leans her head downwards, while closing her eyes. Afterwards, she starts praying.
Zero Suit Samus Pulls out her whip and spins around, saying "You're mine".

Taunt canceling

Taunt canceling

Wario taunting while running to the ledge, canceling due to running off.

Taunt canceling is when a player goes off the ledge of a stage and initiates a taunt. This will make the character slide off the stage and cancel the taunt, but the audio from the taunt, if any, will still play.