No This article/section contains information pertaining to unused content from games and similar media.

This means it was never implemented into the game or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Tails Whirlwind
Tails Whirlwind - Beta
Sonic symbol
Tails using Tails Whirlwind.
Universe Sonic
User Tails
Effect Tails spins around and creates damaging air currents around him that propel him into the air.

Tails Whirlwind was originally Tails's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2 prior to Beta 1.0.3, where it was replaced by Remote Robot.


When performed, Tails would pause for a moment before lashing out with his tails, causing him to spin around with his arms and one leg sticking out. He would emit several air currents around him that resemble a small tornado, and once created, they would then propel him a short distance upwards before disappearing. Opponents caught in the tornado while active could be hit multiple times with 1% damage per hit, with very weak knockback to keep them "trapped" in the attack. The final hit of the tornado, however, would deal 5% damage with moderate knockback.

The player could freely move Tails to the left or to the right for the duration of the move, which lasted about one second. This made it decent for both horizontal and vertical recovery, though Tails would be left helpless afterward.


SAdv3 Tornado Attack

Tails using the Tornado Attack in Sonic Advance 3.

Tails Whirlwind is based almost entirely on the Tornado Attack, an attack performed by Tails exclusively in Sonic Advance 3, even sharing the exact same sprites prior to Beta. In this game, the Tornado Attack is a variation of the standard Tails Swipe that can only be performed when Tails is teamed up with Knuckles. Just like in SSF2, Tails lashes out with his twin tails at such incredible speeds and force that it forms air currents around him. The player can extend the duration by repeatedly pressing the attack button but if the move is performed for too long, Tails eventually stops, growing dizzy by the move, leaving him vulnerable for a short while as the player cannot move him in this state. In addition to attacking enemies, this move also makes it possible for Tails to break the metal barriers that appear throughout the stages. Unlike the Tails Whirlwind in SSF2, however, the Tornado Attack could not propel Tails upward.


Early design

Standard special move Energy Ball Blaster
Side special move Airlift
Up special move Remote Robot
Down Special Move Spin Dash
Final Smash Unknown

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