Jam using his special ability to reach the yellow block, previously created by Yeah.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Level number 4

Switcherate is the fourth and last tutorial level of the puzzle-platforming game Yeah Jam Fury. It is not necessary to win this level to beat the game, since the player can start from the fifth level.


This last tutorial level offers the player to switch between the protagonists, destroying the yellow blocks with Fury, placing them again with Yeah and once again walljumping with Jam.

Best Times

Rank User Best time
1 N1Fighter 00:00:02.53
2 Noodoru 00:00:02.53
3 warrque 00:00:02.60
4 Eggplantoftime 00:00:02.80
5 HaloFanz 00:00:02.90
6 MaxMatsu 00:00:02.90
7 darkhero77 00:00:03.06
8 misternighter 00:00:03.06
9 normaluser 00:00:03.06
10 guilhermepg 00:00:03.13


  • Even if the level is intended to cause the player switch between the characters, the player can beat it using just Jam.

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