This article is about the Mini-Trailers. For the only long-length trailer, see Super Smash Flash 2 Trailer.

The Super Smash Flash 2 Mini-Trailers, or SSF2 Mini-Trailers for short, were small compilations of videos showcased at McLeodGaming's YouTube account McLeodGamingOfficial, featuring a singular Super Smash Flash 2 character.

The videos usually showed dramatizations of the actual gameplay and how the character moveset could have work on, they also led to speculate the appearances of some possible stages, such as an early design for Planet Namek, which appears in more than one of them.

Two were made by former SSF2 Dev RoyMaster4, Goku's Mini-Trailer was made by a former Dev known as Jonathan, and Ness' Mini-Trailer was made by another former Dev, Naruto(NU). The footage in these trailers was by no means accurate, as the game's engine, characters, stages, and overall physics are constantly being edited and improved on.

Characters shown in the trailers may be cut from the final release, stages shown may not be created, and special abilities shown may be changed. All trailers have being removed altogether from YouTube.


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