Super Mushroom
Super Mushroom 0.9b
Mario symbol
Super Mushroom in Super Smash Flash 2
Universe Mario
Item class Transforming
Description Makes you become giant-sized.

The Super Mushroom is an item in Super Smash Flash 2 from the Mario universe. The Super Mushroom is slightly bigger and colorful than the Poison Mushroom. The Super Mushroom makes characters bigger.


This item have the following effects:

  • Neutral Lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Nerf Character's hurtbox becomes bigger, making it easier to be hit.
    • Buff This also makes hitbox become bigger, making it also easier to hit an opponent, and the attack also has more damage and knockback
  • Buff Slightly increases jumping height.
  • Buff Thrown items go further and deal more damage.
  • Nerf Character becomes heavier, increasing the character's falling speed.
    • Buff Being heavier decreases knockback received (is launched less further).


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