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Super Jump Punch (スーパージャンプパンチ, Sūpā Janpu Panchi) is Mario and Luigi's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. It causes the character to jump, giving what appears to be an uppercut to anyone in the way. The move is based off their side scrolling game, where they jump into the boxes and coins come out. For this reason, the move results in coins appearing (and immediately disappearing) for every hit for Mario and once for Luigi.



Mario's version has him going diagonally up. The attack covers good vertical range and decent horizontal like it did in Super Smash Bros.. It can do up to 12% if all the hits connect with decent knockback. After Mario does the move lands on the stage he will having landing lag in the form of him falling on his back and getting up. The move can be angled left or right to improve vertical or horizontal recovery.


Super Jump Punch - Luigi

Luigi's version has him going straight up like it does in Melee and each subsequent sequel. His version also has a sweet and sour spot. The sweet spot of the move is located near Luigi's elbow where, when connected, will do high knockback. When the sweet spot is connected, the move becomes the Fire Jump Punch. If sour spotted, the move will do 1% damage, do no knockback and will show only one coin being knocked out of the opponent.


Early design


  • While the attack is not present in the original Super Smash Flash, it is worth mentioning that both Mario and Luigi have an extra attack by jumping, which resembles the Super Jump Punch, sans the coins.

Standard special move Fireball
Side special move Cape
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Mario Tornado
Final Smash Mario Finale

Standard special move Fireball
Side special move Green Missile
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Unknown

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