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Super Arm
Super Arm SSF2
Mega Man symbol
User Mega Man
Universe Mega Man

The Super Arm (スーパーアーム, Sūpā Āmu) is a weapon originally acquired by defeating Guts Man in the original Mega Man and was one of five special weapons that could be used as Mega Man's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. In Mega Man, the player had to find blocks that could be lifted (indicated by the block flashing when Mega Man comes near it) and then pick them up to throw them, after which, the block would separate into four pieces on contact that would continue to move. In SSF2, Mega Man pulls the block out of thin air and the blocks separate into four pieces if it comes in contact with anything. It deals 9% of damage to the opponent whom is struck. As of Beta, Weapon Change has been replaced by Water Wave, thus taking this move along with it.


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MM1 Super Arm

Mega Man throwing a block with Super Arm in Mega Man.


Standard special move Mega Buster
Side special move Crash Bomb
Up special move Beat Call
Down special move Water Wave
Final Smash Unknown

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