Sudden death

Sudden Death in Super Smash Flash 2

Sudden Death is a special event that occurs occurs in Vs. Mode in Super Smash Flash 2, when, in time matches, the time runs out and there is a tie in points between the characters, or, in timed stock matches, there are characters who still have the same amount of lives. They fight with 300% damage, and last one alive is the winner of the match. After about 50 seconds, Bob-omb start to drop on the stage to kill the players. Sudden Death is also a recurring event present in all the official Super Smash Bros. games. Despite this, it was not present in the original Super Smash Flash. The high 300% makes each player vulnerable to Smash Attacks, Grabs, and Special Attacks. After the Sudden Death, whoever is still alive wins the round.

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