Stone Startup
Kirby symbol
Kirby using Stone.
Universe Kirby
User(s) SSF2 Kirby head
Effect Kirby transforms into an invincible stone and plummets downward, damaging opponents on the way.

Stone (ストーン) is Kirby's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Kirby gathers rocks around him as transforms into a stone or other heavy object, slightly rising as he does so. Once transformed, he quickly falls straight down and is granted almost complete invincibility, being vulnerable only to grabs. Opponents hit by Kirby as he falls are dealt 18% damage with average upward knockback. He can stay in this form for up to three seconds at a time, though he can be taken out manually with the special move input.


Each time the move is performed, Kirby will randomly transform into one of the following objects:

With the exception of the Landmaster, the differences between each form are purely aesthetic and do not affect the properties of the attack. In terms of probability, the Landmaster and Moon appear very rarely, while the other variations are quite common and equally so.


KA Stone

Artwork of Stone Kirby from Kirby's Adventure.

Stone is one of Kirby's recurring Copy Abilities in the Kirby series that originated in Kirby's Adventure, behaving in much the same way. While in Stone form, Kirby is invulnerable to all attacks. Kirby Super Star introduced the detail of randomizing the transformations to various other types of objects, including a rare golden statue of Mario, Samus Aran or HAL Laboratory logo. Unlike in SSF2, Kirby can also slide down slopes to attack enemies while in Stone form. Additionally, Kirby can stay in Stone form indefinitely in the Kirby games, while in SSF2 he can only stay in Stone form for a limited amount of time.



Early designs


  • Prior to v0.7 of the SSF2 Demo, Kirby would only be able to transform into the orange stone.
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