This article is about the attack in Super Smash Flash. For the Super Smash Flash 2 variant, see Standard attack (Super Smash Flash 2).
SSF Fireball

Mario's standard attack: Fireball.

A standard attack in Super Smash Flash, also called normal attack in the How to play section, is an attack that is performed by pressing the attack button without inputting any movement key. The standard attack is the equivalent to the standard special move found in the official Super Smash Bros. games, this includes projectile-based attacks, like Mario's Fireball or moves that slightly make the player move a few inches after the attack was performed, like Sonic's Punch; there are exceptions, though that keep the player in the same spot the move was performed, with no proppeling happening, like Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch. Because of SSF's unusual physics, keeping the key pressed down would continuously spam the attack, with projectiles taking most of the priority out of any other attack.

Character Standard attack Projectile
Blade Slash No
Blue Slash No
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch No
Cloud Buster Slash No
Crono Slash No
Fox Blaster Yes
InuYasha Hijin Kessō No
Jigglypuff Pound No
Kirby Tag Out No
Knuckles Punch No
Link Bow Yes
Lloyd Sword Rain No
Luigi Fireball Yes
Mario Fireball Yes
Mega Man X Fully Charged Shot Yes
Meta Knight Tag Out No
Mewtwo Mystic Palm No
Mr. Game & Watch Greenhouse No
Mr. Incredible Uppercut No
Naruto Kick No
Pikachu Thundershock Yes
Samus Power Beam Yes
Shadow Chaos Twirl No
Sheik Needle Storm Yes
Sonic Punch No
Super Sonic Punch No
Tails Electron Cannon Yes
Young Link Fire Bow Yes
Zelda Magic Combo No
Zero Z-Buster 2 Yes

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