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Super Sonic's stall-then-fall about to hit Donkey Kong, who is charging his Giant Punch.

A stall-then-fall is a move introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where a player stalls, or stays, in the air and then falls quickly. This move is available to some characters in Super Smash Flash 2. These moves are usually a meteor smash.

List of stall-then-fall moves


Move(s) Description
Gazan Stalls in the air, thrusts his blade horizontally underneath himself, and falls quickly. However, it is dangerous to use this move off-stage because this move does not stop until Ichigo reaches the ground. This move meteor smashes opponents and does not cause helplessness.


Move(s) Description
Stone Transforms into a hard, heavy object while in the air and falls quickly. This move can be cancelled after some seconds that Kirby has turned into the stone, negating Kirby's momentum in the process.


Move(s) Description
Rising Falcon Slightly jumps into the air and falls a short distance at a 45 degree angle with his sword extended in front of him. This move can hit twice, the first hit sends opponents diagonally up with decent knockback. The last hit is at the ending, or at the landing, where it has even more knockback, KOing at middle-high percentages.


Move(s) Description
Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. It has a long duration, so one must be cautious when using it off-stage.
Super Sonic's down aerial Similar to regular Sonic's, shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. However, it has a very longer duration, sufficient to self-destruct Super Sonic.


Move(s) Description
Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. It has a very long duration, so one must be extremely cautious when using it off-stage.
Kyūbi Naruto's down aerial Shoots downwards at a very high rate of speed, arms first. This move has a very long duration, however, can be canceled at any point.


Move(s) Description
Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, hands first. Has medium range, and gives diagonal knockback. Has a sweet spot in the ki part.
Kaiō-ken's down aerial It is a more powerful version of normal Goku's down aerial, meteor smashing after the initial hitbox. It is faster and also has longer range, like regular Goku's, has a sweet spot in the ki part.
Super Saiyan Goku's down aerial Shoots completely downwards, head first. Very powerful meteor smash attack, and can be canceled at any time.


Move(s) Description
Down aerial Does a flip while stalling and quickly falls downwards bottom-first, powerfully meteor smashing anyone below him. If the move connects within the first few frames, Wario does not bounce off the opponent. If it connects afterwards, Wario bounces off the opponent. This move is dangerous to use offstage because Wario will not stop falling if he does not hit any opponents, resulting in a SD. Wario can escape the move's animation and recover after the move hits a player.


Move(s) Description
Yoshi Bomb On the ground, Yoshi jumps up a decent diagonal distance, flips forwards, and rockets downwards, hitting anyone that comes in contact with him on the way down. In the air, Yoshi does the same actions, minus the initial jump. Like Wario's down aerial, using this move off-stage will cause a SD. This move can be aimed to the left or right slightly.

Zero Suit Samus

Move(s) Description
Down aerial Shoots diagonally downwards, leg first. It is much safer to use than in Brawl as it has a much shorter duration.

Mr. Game & Watch

Move(s) Description
Down aerial Shoots downwards, key first. Has a medium-to-high duration and does low knockback and damage. It's a meteor smash.

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