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Nipple spike

Captain Falcon hitting Goku with the spike portion of his down aerial.

A spike is an attack in in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash series that sends an enemy downwards at high speeds. Unlike meteor smashes, spikes cannot be Meteor canceled, making them very powerful tools for edgeguarding.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Meteor Canceling was not introduced until demo v0.8a. Therefore, all meteor smashes in the demos before v0.8a were functionally equivalent to spikes.

List of spikes by character

Captain Falcon

Move Description
Down aerial The move has an attack box at Captain Falcon's chest that spikes opponents. It is commonly called "Nipple Spike".


Move Description
Down tilt The move has a strong spike hitbox at the tip of Link's sword.


Move Description
Down aerial The tip of his sword will spike opponents.


Move Description
Down tilt The move will spike if the tip of her toe connects with the opponent. This is the smallest spike hitbox in the game.