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A side attack in Super Smash Flash, also called forward attack or smash attack within the How to play section, is an attack that is performed by pressing the attack button with putting the side key. Despite the name, the side attack is not an equivalent to the side special move found in the official Super Smash Bros. games, as attack within this range include successive attacks, like kicks and punches, that normally deal more damage, there are also includes projectile-based attacks, like Samus's Machine Gun or moves that slightly make the player move a few inches after the attack was performed, like Jigglypuff's Kick.

Character Side attack Projectile
Blade Running Slash No
Blue Flame Slash No
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost No
Cloud Double Buster Slash Yes
Crono Lunge Slash No
Fox Fox Illusion No
InuYasha Double Slash No
Jigglypuff Kick No
Kirby Burning No
Knuckles Double Fist No
Link Sword Slash No
Lloyd Fire Slash No
Luigi Punch-Kick Combo No
Mario Punch-Kick Combo No
Mega Man X Medium-Charged Shot Yes
Meta Knight Meta Chop/Meta Upper No/No
Mewtwo Disable No
Mr. Game & Watch Fire Attack No
Mr. Incredible Punch No
Pikachu Skull Bash No
Samus Machine Gun Yes
Shadow Chaos Palm No
Sheik Force Palm No
Sonic Spin Kick No
Super Sonic Kick No
Tails Tail Attack No
Young Link Slash No
Zelda Light Palm/Lightning High-Kick No
Zero Rei Shiki Retsuzan Yes

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