Shuttle Loop
Shuttle Loop End
Kirby symbol
Meta Knight using the second swipe of Shuttle Loop.
Universe Kirby
User(s) SSF2 Meta Knight head
Effect Meta Knight jumps into the air and goes into a loop while swiping his Galaxia, then swipes again.

Shuttle Loop (シャトルループ) is Meta Knight's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Meta Knight quickly jumps upwards into the air with his Galaxia extended and flips vertically to perform a loop, and then he flies higher up to swipe again. He travels a very high distance upwards when using the move, though he only slightly moves horizontally. Opponents hit by the Galaxia as he flies are dealt 6% slash damage with each swipe, with the first dealing low knockback and the second dealing with considerably more knockback. The move also has a sweet spot just as Meta Knight leaps into the air, which deals 9% damage to opponents hit.

Offensively, the move is very useful for ending combos, as it has very little startup lag and can often KO opponents close to the upper blast line. However, it is also easily punished; not only does it leave Meta Knight helpless at the end, but the lack of horizontal distance covered can lead to opponents escaping the move before Meta Knight can deliver the second swipe. Given the high vertical distance the move covers, it also makes for an effective vertical recovery tool, though it does little to recover horizontally.


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Shuttle Loop is an attack in the Kirby series that Kirby can use when equipped with the Wing Copy Ability. Originating in Kirby Super Star, the attack can only be used after using another attack called Toss, in which Kirby tosses an enemy upwards. When using Shuttle Loop, Kirby then loops around the enemy, hitting any enemies that collide with him and defeating the enemy thrown.



Early design


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