Meteor Smash

Goku performing his forward aerial semi-spike on Yoshi.

Semi-spikes, or pseudo-spikes, are attack in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash 2 that send opponents at a horizontal trajectory and then a vertical trajectory. In between the horizontal and vertical trajectories in the games, a quarter circle trajectory occurs before the vertical trajectory, which gives time to input a command. This is what makes it different from a meteor smash and a regular spike. In Super Smash Flash 2, these moves send opponents in the same way.

List of semi-spikes in Super Smash Flash 2

Black Mage

Semi-spike Description
Back Aerial Black Mage stabs his opponent with a knife behind him that gives excellent knockback. It is an excellent semi-spike but has low range.
Down Tilt Black Mage sticks out a dagger in front of him on the ground. The move gives good knockback and is a good edge-guarding option against off-stage aerial opponents who are recovering.


Semi-spike Description
Bankai Ichigo's Forward Aerial Bankai Ichigo swipes his blade vertically forward in front of him. Anyone hit by the blade is semi-spiked.


Semi-spike Description
Down Tilt Kirby crouches and quickly sticks out one of his legs forward. This move is a quick and powerful semi-spike.
Down Smash Kirby spins around once on the ground with his feet sticking out to the sides of him. If the opponent touches his head or his underside, he or she will be sent upwards. If the opponent touches Kirby's feet, he or she will be semi-spiked.


Semi-spike Description
Forward tilt Lloyd sticks his sword forward while standing still. It has the same animation as Sonic Thrust, but is weaker.
Sonic Thrust Lloyd sticks his sword forward while moving. Anyone who touches the sword is heavily semi-spiked.


Semi-spike Description
Forward Smash Only the tennis racket can semi-spike an opponent, the semi-spike is more heavy when charged.


Semi-spike Description
Reflector Reflector semi-spikes opponents at a fixed knockback which makes it ideal for performing shine combos or shine spiking.


Semi-spike Description
Forward aerial Goku swings both of his arms downwards. This semi-spike must be sweetspotted at the fist. Has the appearance of a meteor smash, but it actually sends the opponent a semi-spike trajectory.
Kaiō-ken Goku's Forward aerial Goku swings both of his arms downwards. Unlike in his base form, the move does not need to be sweet spotted in order to semi-spike the opponent and the attack is stronger.


Semi-spike Description
Forward aerial Sheik does a quick swipe infront of herself. It semi-spikes along with having high base knockback and high knockback scaling. This makes it useful for gimping opponents with poor recoveries and making it an excellent KO move at high percentages.

Captain Falcon

Semi-spike Description
Knee Smash Captain Falcon thrusts his knee in front of him. The sour spot of the attack is a semi-spike, but the knockback it does is low.
Up aerial Captain Falcon does a back flip. The hitbox on his foot at the end of the move semi-spikes the opponent.


Semi-spike Description
Up aerial Pikachu will perform a 360-degree front flip and bring its tail down. When the tail is coming down, is the semi-spike part of the attack.


Semi-spike Description
Down tilt Yoshi will crouch down and spin around hitting the opponent with his tail. Any opponent who is hit by the tail will be semi-spiked, but the attack has set knockback so it's useful for edgeguarding or getting the opponent away.