Screw Attack
Screw attack ND
Metroid symbol
Samus using Screw Attack.
Universe Metroid
User Samus
Effect Samus somersaults into the air with an electrical field surrounding her, damaging opponents who make contact.

Screw Attack (スクリューアタック) is a recurring attack in the Metroid franchise also usable by Samus in the Super Smash Flash series.


The move consists of Samus somersaulting into the air, surrounding herself in a yellowish electrical field; inflicting cumulative damage on any opponents that touch her.

In the original Super Smash Flash, Screw Attack is Samus's additional jump attack. As with other jump attacks (sans for Meta Knight), the hitbox covers her whole body at the moment she rises, dealing 4% of damage per frame to any opponents that make contact with her. Samus will cancel out the Screw Attack once she reaches her highest jumping point, entering her falling animation; however, if she turns around or gets attacked during her falling animation, she will resume the Screw Attack animation again until she lands.

In the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2, Screw Attack has turned into Samus's up special move. Samus gains additional altitude as she spins, and if used on ground, Samus will leap up at a fixed altitude. The move deals electric damage on contact with opponents, dragging along and dealing up to 10% damage to them during the leap. The move also deals relatively low knockback, making it easy to keep opponents in place as damage racks up on them.


SM Screw Attack

Samus using the Screw Attack in Super Metroid.

The Screw Attack in an upgrade that Samus collects in nearly every game in the Metroid series, starting with the original Metroid. It is usually one of the last special abilities Samus can learn. It constantly damages enemies during any spinning jump, dealing such massive damage it kills/destroys almost everything in its path on contact, as well as protecting her from all but the strongest attacks. It also continues to be active while she falls in the spinning motion.


Early design

Standard special move Charge Shot
Side special move Missile
Up special move Screw Attack
Down special move Bomb
Final Smash Zero Laser

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