Pokémon symbol
Jigglypuff's standard special move.
Universe Pokémon
User Jigglypuff

Rollout (ころがる, Korogaru, literally "Roll")  is Jigglypuff's down attack in Super Smash Flash and standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Jigglypuff curls into a ball and rolls forward, ramming into opponents while saying "Jigglypuff!". In SSF, the attack functions similarly to all of the other rolling attacks in that game. Jigglypuff shoots forwards, hitting them opponent(s) multiple times, but it cannot turn around like they can in the official games. In SSF2, the move was changed to more closely resemble the real move, thereby allowing them to charge up the attack and turn around mid-roll, at the expense of losing its multi-hit property. The move deals 7-14% damage with vertical knockback. When Kirby uses this move, he will say, "Purin", Jigglypuff's Japanese name.


First introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver, Rollout is a Rock-type attack. If the user has already used Defense Curl, then this attack's base power and its 5-turn intensity becomes effectively doubled. It is one of the most powerful Rock-type moves in Pokémon.


Standard special move Rollout
Side special move Pound
Up special move Sing
Down special move Rest
Final Smash Puff Up

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