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NotInSSF2 ATTENTION: This article contains information pertaining to a beta element. This means it was removed in a Super Smash Flash 2 demo or cut from the game after its initial release, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Robo Ninja

Robo Ninja was a robotic female character intended to be a character in Super Smash Flash 2 but eventually cut out from the game by the way that his creator wouldn't want anything with SSF2.

Character description

Being a really undeveloped character, not much was known about Robo Ninja. Hence her name, Robo Ninja was a thin robotic being that poses, perhaps, ninjutsu abilities. She had "blonde" hair covered with a black pointy helmet, same as her arms and feet; she also wore a gray belt and a red scarf, or cape, hanging from her neck. She carried a large metalic Bō, possibly her main weapon, though there weren't any attacks confirmed. It was initially debated her gender and was beleived to be a genderless being since she was a robot. It was until her creator confirmed her to be female.


After a long hiatus about her development, when she was intended to be a playable character in SSF2; it was on June 8, 2008 after Cleod9 confirmed in the old McLeodGaming Forums that Robo Ninja would no longer be appearing in SSF2 after Racoon, her creator, decided that would be good to use Robo Ninja in his own projects. To the dismay of many users, there was no character to replace her.

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