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NotInSSF2 ATTENTION: This article contains information pertaining to a beta element. This means it was removed in a Super Smash Flash 2 demo or cut from the game after its initial release, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Fan characters are original characters or "obscure" characters supposedly hailing from established universes created by various members of the McLeodGaming Forums. Fan characters appeared in the original Super Smash Flash and were slated to appear in its reboot, Super Smash Flash 2. However, on May 18 2012, all of them were officially confirmed to be cut from the game by Cleod9 himself.

List of fan-made characters



Artwork of Azrael

Azrael standing

Azrael as he was meant to appear in SSF2.

Azrael was a character created by MG user, Phratt. His name is a reference of the Angel of Death in the Islamic culture with the same name. He would have wielded his scythe called "Xcrete", and he appeared in the original SSF2 Trailer back in 2007 as a newcomer playable character.

Azrael was unique among the fan characters in that he actually had backstory. However, said backstory was copied wholesale from the premise of the 1999 film, The Matrix, Phratt even admitting to this.

Azrael's Final Smash had been confirmed to be an attack called Final Judgement [sic], in which Azrael would start by glowing red and disappearing into a portal leading to the "Phantom Dimension", which would rapidly grow. At the same time, two reapers would appear at the side of the portal. If an enemy were to be touched by one of the reapers, he/she/it would get sucked into the portal. After a short time, any opponent that had been sucked into the portal would be blown out and dealt massive damage. Azrael would then step out of the portal, but the portal would remain onscreen for about ten more seconds. If an opponent touches it, he/she would take heavy damage.


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Robo Ninja


An early sprite of Robo Ninja.

Robo Ninja was a character created by MG user Raccooon. She was robotic female character intended to be a character in SSF2 but was cut very early into the game's development at the request of her creator as he wanted to use her in his own projects instead, but has yet to be seen again on her own since then.

Being a really undeveloped character, not much was known about Robo Ninja. As her name implied, Robo Ninja was a thin robotic being that poses, perhaps, ninjutsu abilities. She had "blonde" hair covered with a black pointy helmet, same as her arms and feet; she also wore a gray belt and a red scarf, or cape, hanging from her neck. She carried a large metalic Bō staff, possibly her main weapon, though there weren't any attacks confirmed. It was initially debated her gender and was beleived to be a genderless being since she was a robot until her creator confirmed her to be female.



Artwork of Spikeman.

Spikeman stand

Spikeman as he was meant to appear in SSF2.

Spikeman was a character created by the MG user of the same name. He was a red ball with shoes and a red mane, who commonly uses his tongue to attack or grab since he has no arms. Nothing is known about his origins or what his moveset would have been. All that was known is that his Final Smash would have had him turn into Insane Spikeman, a Final Form that would have made him smaller, faster, and stronger with a completely different moveset, whatever that may have been.

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