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Revival Platform

Captain Falcon on a revival platform.

Revival platforms are the platforms that characters stand on to be brought back to the stage once they have been KO'd in Super Smash Flash 2. All revival platforms look similar, usually a circular platform with a white tinge to it and with different sizes regarding the character. Often it would be lit-up. They were absent from Super Smash Flash. Once a character comes back on the battlefield, the character will be immune to any attack for a few seconds. Also, the color of the platform changes, matching the main color of the pallete.


  • Before demo v0.9, all characters had a different individualized platform that often has something to do with the universe that the character comes from. This was scrapped due to irregularities, the platforms were as follow:
Character Revival platform
Black Mage A platform with the words "Life 2" on it.
Captain Falcon An F-Zero countdown timer.
Donkey Kong The K-O-N-G Letters in boxes.
Fox A miniature of the Arwing.
Goku All seven Dragon Balls lined up.
Ichigo Stands on his Reiryoku.
Kirby A Warp Star-emblemed platform.
Link A platform manifested from Link's Triforce of Courage.
Lloyd A platform made with magitech.
Mario The revival platform from Mario Bros..
Mega Man The Rush Jet.
Naruto A large scroll with Naruto's name written on it in Japanese.
Ness The Bubble Monkey.
Peach Goal gate from Super Princess Peach.
Pikachu A stadium-like platform with an inner light.
Sonic All seven Chaos Emeralds lined up.
Sora A miniature version of the Gummi Ship.
Tails The Tornado.
Wario Four pink switch blocks from Wario Land 4.
Yoshi Seven Yoshi eggs lined up.

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