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The results screen is a screen that appears in both Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2. It has a lot of valuable information from the previous battle.

In Super Smash Flash

1-P Mode

Results screen appear after very match is over in Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and All-Star Mode. This screen is simplified departure from the results screen from Super Smash Bros. Melee, it displays the name of the character followed by a listing which includes the number of point units earned for KO'ing the opponents in the match (which decreases by one point if the player loses a life), the remaining lives, the number of KO's and the points earned for each KO, the number of falls, self-destructs and the bonuses earned throughout the course of the match. During a Target Test stage, the screen displays the number of targets destroyed and the points earned from them.

VS. Mode

The results screen in Melee mode is exactly the same as in 1-P mode, displaying the same statuses (points, KO's, falls, etc.) but with an arrangement to fit other players' stadistics. The only difference, aside the upper text declaring who the winner is, is that the character's name is not displayed and, instead, it only read the player's number; oddly, it also displays the point units earned twice.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Versus Mode


The results screen with 2 players.

Within the screen, the winner(s) celebrate their win with a pose, while other fighters are depressed by the loss, usually clapping for the winner. Each are farther from the screen, in the order in which they lost their lives in stock mode, or who excelled in battle in Time Mode. After this, a screen will be displayed evaluating the following aspects about their performance:

  • Score - Number of KOs minus number of Falls and SDs.
  • KOs - Number of KOs they made on other players.
  • Falls - Number of times they were KO'd by other players.
  • SDs - Number of self-destructs the player commits.
  • Given (%) - Damage given to other players.
  • Taken (%) - Damage taken by other players.
  • Pitch - Knockback given to other player, this means, in a 1v1 match, the 1P pitch will be the same as the 2P speed.
  • Speed - Average movement speed throughout match, in pixels per second.
  • Drought - Total amount of time spent doing nothing, in seconds.


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