This article is about Fox's Reflector variant. For Falco's variant, see Reflector (Falco).
Universe Star Fox
User Fox

Reflector (リフレクター, Rifurekutā), also known amongst the community as the Shine, is Fox's down attack in Super Smash Flash and his down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


In Super Smash Flash

In Super Smash Flash, the Reflector was Fox's down attack. On usage, it generated electricity particles around Fox. Despite the name, the attack was unable to reflect projectiles and did vertical knockback like Falco's did in Super Smash Bros. Melee and SSF2. Also, it is impossible to stall with the reflector as Fox cannot use it in midair.

In Super Smash Flash 2

In Super Smash Flash 2, the Reflector became Fox's down special move, and went trough a significant number of changes. Now generating a light-blue hexagonal barrier instead of generic electricity particles, Fox's reflector can now reflect almost every projectile in the game (with the exception of Fox and Falco's lasers). Additionally, if an enemy is next to Fox and he is using the reflector, he/she will receive 7% damage (6% damage if the Reflector is stale) and will be stunned. When used in midair, it can slow down Fox's falling speed which can be helpful for mind games and helping him recover.
One of the Reflector's biggest strength points is the fact that Fox can jump cancel it, like he could in Super Smash Bros. Melee, into any aerial, another reflector, a grab, up tilt or an up smash. This is useful for aiding him in his combos due to the move sending opponents at a semi-spike angle which allows for good follow ups. Due to it sending opponents at a semi-spike angle, it's also very useful for gimping certain characters at any percentage when they try to recover.



Shine spiking

Fox Shine-spiking another Fox.

The Shine-spike is one of Fox's edge-guarding techniques. It is done by chasing an enemy off the stage, then hitting them with the Reflector. Since the Reflector semi-spikes the opponent at a fixed knockback and trajectory, regardless of percentage, it can be used to disrupt certain recovery options.


Multishine is a trick that allows Fox to use the Reflector many more times than normally possible. To perform this, Fox must be on the ground and repeatedly use Reflector and short hop. There is a 2-frame window in which the short hop may be canceled by the Reflector. Reflector can also be jump cancelled; this makes a loop in which Fox may Reflector, cancel it by short hopping and cancel the short hop by shining again. As each Shine is an individual Shine, each will damage enemies hit. There are 3 main uses: to rack up damage, Multishine lock someone into a wall or used as the shine taunt. Down throw, if not teched, will easily set up for a Multishine, increasing damage output. If the opponent being shined is up against a wall, they will not be able to do anything while being Multishined. The Shine taunt is a regular Shine, followed by many Shines in a short amount of time.


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