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Fire Falco

The distance comparisons of Fox's Fire Fox and Falco's Fire Bird, with Fox's move covering a greater distance.

A recovery is a common technique used to reach the stage after falling off or being knocked off. In Super Smash Flash, characters were limited to jumping to recover, though some could use their side attacks to propel themselves back towards the stage. Super Smash Flash 2 realized this mistake and allowed players to recover a variety of ways, including the use of special moves, as is traditional in the Super Smash Bros. series. Some characters now also have tether recoveries, which allow them to cling to an edge with the use of their weapons. These recoveries are most commonly triggered by pressing the grab button in midair when a ledge is within reach. Many methods of recovery will leave the character helpless after execution, although some, such as Sonic's Spring Jump, will not trigger helplessness.

A more advanced technique of recovery, in team battles which have friendly-fire enabled, is where players will purposefully attack their teammates who cannot return to the stage due to helplessness, allowing them to use their moves once more.

List of recovery methods in Super Smash Flash 2

This information is based on the most current demo version, SSF2 Beta:

Black Mage

Black Mage has one of the best recovery moves in the game, distance-wise: his up special move, Warp. Warp can be used in any direction, but leaves Black Mage vulnerable during the start of the move and upon landing after execution. His side special move, Haste, can be used for horizontal recovery, but it has to connect to an edgeguarding opponent in order for it to work.


Bomberman can use his up special move, Jetpack, as a recovery. It covers poor horizontal distance, so it is best used for vertical recovery.


Bowser can use his up special move, Whirling Fortress, for both vertical and horizontal recovery. Whirling Fortress also hurts opponents it makes contact with, dealing considerable damage and knockback.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon can use his up special move, Falcon Dive, for vertical recovery. This attack can be used in succession if it connects with opponents. His special move, Raptor Boost, can be used for horizontal recovery. If used from high enough in the air, his down special move, Falcon Kick, will allow him to gain another midair jump.


Chibi-Robo's up special move, Chibi-Copter, can be used for vertical recovery. His side special move, Toothbrush, can be used infinitely in succession by holding down the special attack button, whether on the ground or in the air--this allows for a fairly-reliable offensive horizontal recovery.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong's up special move, Spinning Kong, covers a considerable horizontal distance and damages opponents, but doesn't offer much vertical lift. He can also use his side special move, Headbutt, in midair for slight horizontal recovery (if not currently helpless).


Fox can use his up special move, Fire Fox, for recovery in any direction; this move, as an offensive recovery, both covers a considerable distance and damages opponents caught in its path. Fox can use his side special move, Fox Illusion, for horizontal recovery. Fox's down special move, Reflector, slows Fox's descent when used in midair.


Goku's up special, Instant Transmission, can be used for recovery in any direction. If no directional input is given to guide this move, Goku will teleport straight upwards. Goku can use his down special move, Kaiō-ken, and his standard special move, Kamehameha, in midair to float and allow for more horizontal recovery. When Goku uses his Final Smash to become Super Saiyan Goku, he can jump infinitely and use his up special move in succession.


Ichigo can use or charge up (Ichigo will still fall at a normal speed if charged in midair) his side special move, Engetsuzan, for purely horizontal recovery. His up special move, Kōtei-ki Tōshin, can be used for minor horizontal or vertical recovery. His forward aerial attack can be used to nudge Ichigo forward to aid in recovery.


Isaac can use Lift for vertical recovery, but using this move leaves Isaac vulnerable during and after the attack.


Jigglypuff's primary mode of recovery is her five midair jumps (six total jumps, if starting on the ground). Jigglypuff's side special move, Pound, can be used continuously in midair to cover a small amount of horizontal distance at a time--this is good for conserving jumps. Jigglypuff's standard special, Rollout, can be used as an offensive recovery as well, but this is risky; if you hit an opponent in midair with this attack, you will continue to fall until you land on a platform (or fall off-screen and be K.O.'d).


Kirby's primary mode of recovery is his five midair jumps (six total jumps, if starting on the ground). His up special move, Final Cutter, can be used for moderate vertical recovery, but if you miss the ledge, you will fall downwards until hitting a platform, being attacked by a move with higher priority, or falling off-stage and being K.O.'d.


Link's up special move, Spin Attack, can be used for both vertical and horizontal recovery. If a bomb (pulled out by using his down special move) explodes while Link is holding it, Link will be able to use his up special move again in midair, even if currently helpless (this technique is known as Bomb Recovery). Link also has a tether recovery, which is his Clawshot (activated by pressing the grab button in midair). By using his Clawshot, Link can reach ledges out of his normal grabbing range.


Lloyd can use his up special move, Tiger Blade, for moderate vertical recovery. He can use his side special move, Sonic Thrust, for slight offensive horizontal recovery.


Luigi can use his up special move, Super Jump Punch, for a decent vertical recovery move. He can also use his down special move, Luigi Cyclone, for vertical recovery. His side special move, Green Missile, can be used for horizontal recovery and can be charged to go further. If Green Missile "misfires", it's length immensely increases, making it even better for recovery.


Mario can use any of his special moves (aside from his standard special move, Fireball) to aid in recovery. He can use his side special move, the Cape, repeatedly for minor horizontal recovery. If the player press the special button repeatedly while executing Mario's side special move, Star Spin, in midair, he will rise. Mario's up special move, Super Jump Punch, can be used for decent vertical and horizontal recovery but will leave him helpless.

Prior to the Cape's implementation, Mario could use the water-cannon, F.L.U.D.D., as his side special move. This move could be used in midair to push Mario back onto the stage and would not leave Mario helpless afterwards.


Marth can use his up special move, Dolphin Slash, for great vertical recovery. His side special move, Dancing Blade, can be used for slight horizontal recovery (this move be countered easily by disjointed-hitbox and higher-priority projectile moves). His standard special move, Shield Breaker, can also be used for considerable horizontal recovery.

Mega Man

Mega Man can use his side special move, Proto Shield, repeatedly for offensive horizontal recovery. Mega Man's up special move, Beat Call, gives good vertical and horizontal recovery. However, if Mega Man is attacked while performing this move, he will be unable to perform it again until after he lands on a platform. If he is attacked multiple times or if he cancels the move and is then attacked, he will be able to use Beat Call again. He can also use his down aerial to aid in horizontal and vertical recovery--but only by a little.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight has five midair jumps he can use (six total jumps, if starting on the ground), and all of his special moves can work as recoveries. His up special move, Shuttle Loop, allows him to glide, his standard special move, Mach Tornado, allows him to hover through the air a little, his side special move, Drill Rush, allows for an offensive horizontal recovery that can be guided, and his down special move, Dimensional Cape, can be used to teleport in any direction and can be used offensively.

Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch's up special move, Fire, launches him a great vertical distance, hitting opponents in the wait during ascent. This move does not offer safe horizontal recovery, as Mr. Game & Watch can be attacked while floating back down (unless you attack first). Mr. Game & Watch is not left helpless after using this move, allowing him to attack enemies afterwards.


Naruto can use his up special move, Shadow Clone Slash, for a moderate vertical recovery.


Using Ness' up special move, PK Thunder, on himself will launch Ness a moderate distance and then leave him helpless unless the attack connects with an opponent or you land on a platform, in which case the attack may be used again.


Her Peach Parasol serves as her primary and only vertical recovery as well as giving her some horizontal recovery, though it depends whether or not the left/right arrow is pressed. Peach Bomber has good horizontal recovery. Although it has considerable startup lag, Peach Bomber has almost no ending lag. Toad can also be used to halt Peach's fall for a short time and give her a little horizontal recovery if the left/right button is pressed. Peach has the ability to float, just like Goku, but she can stay in air longer, which gives her amazing horizontal recovery. She can also attack while floating and can stay in the air for about eight seconds. Overall, Peach is a character with a wonderful recovery.


Pikachu can use Quick Attack to recover after falling off a ledge, and can angle it to get horizontal, vertical, or diagonal recovery. Pikachu can also use Skull Bash to get some horizontal recovery as well.


Samus can use her Screw Attack as a recovery. Her bomb special can also make her do a small jump if she is near it when it blows up. If this techniques are executed correctly, she will gain an effective Bomb Recovery.


Sheik can use Vanish as her recovery move. However, it only can cover cardeal directions.


Sonic's up special move, Spring Jump, covers a good vertical distance but lacks in horizontal coverage. His standard special move, Homing Attack, can be used for recovery if there is an opponent within range, or to counterattack edgeguarders. His side special attack, Light Dash, provides good horizontal recovery (covers more distance when charged).


Sora's side special move, Flowmotion, offers great horizontal recovery but will leave him helpless unless he reaches a ledge or connects with an opponent. Sora's up special move, Aerial Recovery, offers good vertical recovery and does not leave him helpless.


Tails has a total of four midair jumps (five total jumps, if starting on the ground), and all of his special moves can be used for recovery. He can use his up special move, Tails Whirlwind, for fair vertical and horizontal recovery. His side special move, Airlift (page needs to be updated), can be used to cover considerable horizontal distance and makes for a good offensive recovery move. Whether on the ground or in the air, this move can be continued indefinitely by holding the special button. Holding the direction you were facing will speed up your movement, while holding the direction opposite to the way you were facing will slow your spin. Tails' down special move, Spin Dash, can also be used for offensive horizontal recovery. This move acts like Jigglypuff's standard special move, Rollout, in the aspect that it will stop once hitting an enemy, but you will not be left helpless afterwards as Jigglypuff would. Tails' standard special move, Energy Ball Blaster, can be used to nudge Tails in the direction opposite to which you were facing, allowing for a slight horizontal aid in recovery.


Yoshi doesn't have a specified recovery move, but he has the highest midair jump in the game (if held on) that also gives him a sort of Super Armor. He can use his up special move, Egg Toss, to slow his fall and give him a slight vertical and horizontal boost, though.


Zelda can use her up special attack, Farore's Wind, to recover in any direction. This move covers a great distance. Zelda can also use her side special move, Din's Fire, and her standard special move, Nayru's Love, to slow her descent when falling. Zelda can attack or use other special moves after using either Din's Fire or Nayru's Love, but Farore's Wind will leave her helpless after use if she reappears in the air.

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus can use her down special move, Flip Jump, for decent horizontal and vertical recovery. Both her side special move, Plasma Whip, and her up special move, Plasma Wire, can be used for recovery; they latch onto a ledge if there is one within range. These special attacks double as tether recovery moves, but Zero Suit Samus can also tether recover by pressing the grab button and latching onto a nearby ledge.

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