Raptor Boost
Sand beta
F-Zero symbol
Captain Falcon using Raptor Boost.
Universe F-Zero
User Captain Falcon
Effect Captain Falcon dashes forward and unleashes a flaming uppercut.

Raptor Boost (ファルコンナックル) is a recurring attack in the Super Smash Flash series used by Captain Falcon.


In the original Super Smash Flash, Raptor Boost is part of Captain Falcon's side attack and up attack. When performed, Captain Falcon will perform a flaming uppercut, which deals 6% damage per frame and stays out for about a second. Much like in the official Super Smash Bros. games, this attack sends opponents upward. Unlike the official games, however, this attack notably lacks the initial dash forward, instead only including the uppercut.

In the reboot Super Smash Flash 2, Raptor Boost has turned into Captain Falcon's side special move. It functions like how it does in Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Captain Falcon dashes forward with his fist behind him, and if the attack connects, he will perform a flaming uppercut on the opponent, sending the opponent upward and dealing 8% damage to the opponent. If this attack connects in midair, the attack will instead be a meteor smash and Falcon will leapfrog over the victim to hopefully recover back to the stage. However, if he misses the attack in midair or uses it near a ledge then he will be put in a helpless state.


Super Smash Flash


Super Smash Flash 2

Early design

Standard special move Falcon Punch
Side special move Raptor Boost
Up special move Falcon Dive
Down special move Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon

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