Random Encounter
Random Battle InfoBox
Black Mage's Final Smash.
User Black Mage
Type Stage-wide
Effect Summons several monsters on-stage that attack opponents which culminates with a huge explosion called "Flare".

Random Enconter (ランダムエンカウント), previously referred to as Random Battle, is Black Mage's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2. This attack causes Black Mage to summon several monsters like Goblins, Bombs, Wolves and Ogres to appear all over the stage while Black Mage disappears. These monsters cannot be defeated, but they can be attacked. Then, he reappears in the foreground, along with a move selection screen (like those seen in FINAL FANTASY). Black Mage selects Flare and unleashes it on his opponents. It is very powerful and it can One-hit KO under many circumstances; however, unlike most Final Smashes, it can be dodged. It can do up to 300% altogether if they are hit by enough monsters.


Standard special move Stop
Side special move Haste
Up special move Warp
Down special move Meteor
Final Smash Random Encounter

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