The preview screen from Race to the Finish.

Race to the Finish, announced in-game as Race to the Finish!, is a recurring 1-player mode that appears in both Classic mode and Adventure mode in Super Smash Flash (but currently unconfirmed for Super Smash Flash 2). The main objective is to cross and get past through obstacles to reach the end before time runs out.

In Super Smash Flash

Race to the Finish is the sixth level of both Classic and Adventure mode. Players must cross through a longer version of Emerald Hill Zone, with small platforms scattered between two big platforms, the one on the far right being where the finish line is located. There are also Buzzers, robotic-bee enemies from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, that float toward players to harm them and block their jumps. Fortunately, they can be easily beat with one attack. There are two variations of the extended Emerald Hill Zone. The one in Classic mode is a bit easier as it follows a straighter path, while the one in Adventure Mode represents more a challenge as it follows a right-diagonal path that forces the player to make their jumps more precise.

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