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Wario's distinctive pummel by shaking Sandbag.

A pummel is the attack usable in Super Smash Flash 2 while an opponent remains trapped in the player's grab. Any character can pummel by pressing the attack or grab buttons after a successful grab. Since most of the time, the character will be holding its opponent with both arms, the majority of pummels are knee jabs or headbutts, which tend to cause around 2% damage. Pummeling is primarily used to rack up extra damage before a throw. The higher an opponent's damage meter, the more one can pummel their victim before they're able to break free from the grab. If not executed swiftly, an adept fighter may escape before even a single blow is landed. Pummeling does not cause hitlag. Pummeling is not possible in Super Smash Flash as grabbing is not present either.

List of pummels

Character Pummel Damage
Black Mage Stabs the opponent with a dagger. 1%
Bomberman Headbutts the opponent. 2%
Bowser Headbutts the opponent. Unknown
Captain Falcon Knees the opponent. 1%
Chibi-Robo Whips the opponent with his electrical cord. 1%
Donkey Kong Chops the opponent with his hand. 3%
Fox Knees the opponent. 1%
Goku Punches the opponent. 1%
Jigglypuff Hits the opponent with its tuff of hair. 2%
Ichigo Slices the opponent with his Zangetsu. 1%
Isaac Crushes the opponent with the psynergy hand. 1%
Kirby Punches the opponent. 1%
Link Slices the opponent with the Master Sword. 1%
Lloyd Stabs the opponent with a sword. 2%
Luigi Headbutts opponent. 1%
Mario Headbutts the opponent. 1%
Marth Knees the opponent. 2%
Mega Man Squeezes the opponent with his Super Arm. Unknown
Meta Knight Scratches opponent with the claws on his wing. 3%
Mr. Game & Watch Bashes the enemy with his alarm bell, somewhat slowly. Unknown
Naruto Punches the opponent. 1%
Ness Headbutts the opponent. Very fast, but only if used in a certain rhythm. Can only force a ground break. 1%
Peach Low kicks the opponent. 2%
Pikachu Zaps the opponent. 1%
Samus Hits the opponent with her hand. 1%
Sheik Elbows the opponent. 2%
Sonic Knees the opponent. 1%
Sora Slices the opponent with his keyblade. 1%
Tails Punches the opponent. 1%
Wario Violently shakes the opponent. 1%
Yoshi Chews the opponent. 1%
Zelda Shocks the opponent with her magic. 1%
Zero Suit Samus Knees the opponent. 1%

Final Forms' pummels

Final Form Pummel Damage
Bankai Ichigo Slices the opponent with Tensa Zangetsu. 2%
Kyūbi Naruto Punches the opponent with his other hand. 2%
Super Saiyan Goku Fires an explosion of energy from his fist with the same hand that he is grabbing opponent. 2%
Super Sonic Punches the opponent quickly. 2%
Wario-Man Pokes the opponent. 2%

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