Proto Man
SSF2 Proto Man
Mega Man symbol
Proto Man in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Mega Man
First appearance Mega Man 3 (1990)
Type Offensive
Effect Dashes across the stage, shooting at opponents.
Rarity Very Common

Proto Man, known in Japan as Blues (ブルース, Burūsu) is the first Robot Master created by Dr. Light and is the older brother of Mega Man. Proto Man appears in Mega Man 3 as an enemy, but saves Mega Man at the end. The brothers have also become rivals. He appears in Super Smash Flash 2 as an Assist Trophy.

Protoman is a mysterious character, always has a dark visors, so it's unknow the color of his eyes, and how they are. His colors are in contrast Megaman, his suit is white or light gray and has a red belt. His boots, gloves, his Proto Buster and Proto Shield are red with grey details. His helmet is red with a white arrow just above a dark visors covering their eyes, and wears a yellow scarf around his neck. Protoman is armed with his Proto Buster and his Proto Shield, and such as Mega Man he uses a variety of weapons and adapters, but only use their own weapons in SSF2.

In Super Smash Flash 2

New Proto Man

When summoned, Proto Man will perform his whistle before appearing in front of an opponent. Proto Man then assaults the summoner's foe(s) using four different methods of attack. One attack he performs is dashing back and forth on a platform while ramming enemy combatants with his Proto Shield. He also attacks by rapidly firing yellow-colored shots from his Proto Buster. When Proto Man's target is in the air or on a platform above his level, he will leap upward and fire a quick series of shots in a progressively downward direction. This move also allows Proto Man to move to different platforms in the stage. Proto Man's last and most powerful attack is his green-colored charged shot known as the Big Bang Blast.


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