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Poké Ball
Pokemon symbol
Poké Ball in Super Smash Flash 2
Universe Pokémon
Appearances Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Helping
Description Releases a Pokémon to fight alongside you.

The Poké Ball (モンスターボール, Monsutā Bōru, lit. Monster Ball) is an item in Super Smash Flash 2. They were left out of the original Super Smash Flash, but were added in the sequel. Poké Balls allow the player to call forth a randomly chosen Pokémon. The Pokémon will usually have a direct influence on the battle by attacking opponents, but some only cause status effects, act as reflectors, or do nothing to change the battle.

However, unlike Assist Trophies, the Pokémon is not automatically summoned when the player picks it up. In order for the Pokémon to appear, the player must throw the Poké Ball. This also means that they can be thrown at opponents. The Poké Ball must land in order to release the Pokémon inside it.

List of confirmed Pokémon that appear from Poké Balls

  • Blastoise: Uses Hydro Pump to push opponents away.
  • Beedrill: A flock of Beedrill will use take down on any opponent in there way.
  • Bellossom: Uses Sleep Powder to put opponents to sleep.
  • Charizard: Uses Fly to catch the nearest opponents and uses Flamethrower on them.
  • Chatot: Uses Chatter to release sound waves on opponents.
  • Chikorita: Uses Razor Leaf to shoot leaves that harm opponents.
  • Delibird: Uses Present and throws food and Team Rocket's bombs.
  • Electrode: Uses Explosion.
  • Garchomp: Uses Draco Meteor, sending meteors down toward the opponent.
  • Gligar: Uses Fury Cutter to attack a single opponent up to 5 times in rapid succession. Its pursuit of said opponent ends if it misses once.
  • Heracross: Uses Mega Horn, which sends opponents flying.
  • Hitmonlee: Uses Hi Jump Kick to deliver a strong kick to the opponents.
  • Jirachi: Floats into the sky, a dud Poké Ball.
  • Koffing: Uses Smoke Screen to cover a portion of the stage with smoke.
  • Magikarp: Uses Splash; another dud Poké Ball.
  • MissingNo.: Covers the entire screen with a Windows "Blue Screen of Death", which makes it impossible to see players.
  • Pichu: Uses Shock Wave, electrocuting anyone in its radius.
  • Porygon, Porygon2 and PorygonZ: Uses the same, unknown attack with different states.
  • Scizor: Uses Metal Claw, moving back and forth once and then falling from the stage.
  • Seedot: Multiple Seedot's appear and perform Bullet Seed, firing seeds like a gattling gun.
  • Shroomish: Uses Stun Spore, Sleep Powder and Poisonpowder, which paralyzes, puts to sleep and poisons all nearby opponents, respectively.
  • Snivy: Uses Leaf Tornado, which will have leaf swirl around Snivy and damage any opponent in its radius.
  • Snorlax: Uses Body Slam after leaping into the air an falling into the stage, now gigantic, damaging all nearby opponents.
  • Tepig: Uses Heat Crash, while will involve Tepig being on fire and dashing off screen and any opponent in its path will set a blaze.
  • Venusaur Uses Earthquake which shakes the ground, causing debris to come from it and hit opponents.
  • Victini: Uses V-create as it flies around over the opponents.
  • Zygarde: Uses Land's Wrath, to create fissures in the ground which will damage anyone on stage.



Early artworks



  • It is possible to get a shiny gligar, as Gligar appears more blue than pink when released. Whether this is intentional or not is still unknown.
  • It is possible that Metang, Togepi, and Ditto will appear in the future, as they appeared in the intro for 0.9.
  • Due to complications with some bugs, the Poké Balls, Assist Trophies, Bumpers, and Exploding Tags were disabled on demo v0.9b and has been added in patch
  • Out of all the Pokémon that can be released from a Poké ball, only Charizard and Pichu were playable characters in the main Super Smash Bros. games.

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