This article is about a common stage structure. For the returning character platforms, see Revival platform.

A platform stage, for example.

Platforms are a common feature on stages where characters can stand on. Most stages themselves are large platforms floating in empty space. In the Super Smash Flash series, there are four types (three if Skyworld is not a stage) of platforms:

  • Hard platforms: Generally they make up the solid and main parts of the stage, for example the large bottom platform of Battlefield. Hard platforms cannot be passed through in any direction and their edges can usually be hung on (only in SSF2).
  • Semi-Soft platforms: These can be jumped through, but not can be dropped through. Examples are the white platforms in Planet Namek.
  • Soft platforms: Often known as pass-through platforms, they float in the air and can be both jumped and dropped through. But characters cannot hang on the edge of soft platforms.
  • Supersoft platforms: These can be jumped through and dropped through. Examples are the clouds in Skyworld.

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