Nintendo 3DS
3DS Aqua Blue
3DS symbol
Universe Nintendo 3DS
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Size Small
Availability Starter
Music track(s)
  • Mii Plaza
Tournament legality Neutral[1]

Nintendo 3DS is a Starter stage in Super Smash Flash 2. The battle takes place on top of the handheld console, which can be one of three different colors as chosen randomly when the stage is loaded. Similarly to WarioWare, Inc., Nintendo 3DS interacts with the fighters by changing the stage layout to resemble different games, which are based on indie titles that are on the 3DS' virtual library.


The battle takes on the giant Nintendo 3DS floating on deep space. Normally, the 3DS is just a featureless platform, similar to Final Destination, though the stage layout changes at set intervals. Each layout is based on indie titles available for the system. The games available are Bit.Trip Runner, Mutant Mudds, Tetris: Axis and VVVVVV. Whenever a game plays, the camera changes to a fixed-angle so players can see the whole stage and the boundaries.

List of games

  • Bit.Trip Beat: An orange paddle appears on the left side of the 3DS and will bounce back every incoming square back from whence they came. These squares are harmful for players so they inadvertently have to dodge them. The squares deal minimal damage and knockback, though they tend to appear en masse. Players can anticipate where the squares are coming through the top screen of the 3DS.
  • Mutant Mudds: Platforms rise from below, covering the bottom blast line and forming walk-off edges on both sides of the stage. These platforms come in segments that vary in height, and constantly change for the duration of this game.
  • Tetris: Axis: A grid appears and tetrominoes drop onto the field. If it lands on a player, they will take some damage and good knockback. Some tetrominoes are solid while others can be passed through from below, but not from above. Because of this, the player may get stuck between the tetrominoes with no possibility to escape. At the end, a straight Tetromino falls and fills the last gap, making every tetromino disappear.
  • VVVVVV: Gravity fluctuates between normal and reversed. The top and bottom blast lines disappear, allowing the players to wrap around the screen for the duration of this game. The top and bottom stays missing for a while after the mini-game ends, in that players can not be KO'ed vertically for a while.


  • The main music track is titled Mii Plaza, the main theme for the pre-installed 3DS application, StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Tournament legality

With hazards off, this stage functions nearly identically to Final Destination. The only difference is in the stage's length and edges. As such, 3DS is a neutral stage. When both are legal, they are almost always treated as one stage. Unlike Final Destination, 3DS is still legal in online tournaments.



Original Nintendo 3DS systems in multiple colors.

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's sixth video game handheld console, released in 2011, and is an autostereoscopic device capable of projecting stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. This could be interpreted, somehow, as the player interacting with the games from a more real perspective thanks to the depth perception. In SSF2, this goes even further to the point where fighters actually interact with the 3DS as the games literally "come out" of the device. The Nintendo 3DS was released worldwide in two different colours: Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. Among the other colors that were released in the following years include: Flame Red, Pearl Pink, Midnight Purple, Cobalt Blue and Ice White. In SSF2, the 3DS' color is randomly chosen when the battle begins, but it's only for aesthetic purposes.

Bit.Trip Beat is the first installment of the Bit.Trip series, it is an arcade pong-esque game where the player controls a paddle whose job is to reflect incoming beats to gain score. This paddle is in SSF2 and reflects incoming squares that can harm the fighters. It is not available on its own and is instead in the collection Bit.Trip Saga.

Mutant Mudds is 2D platformer where the players must make use of the 3DS capabilities to jump out into the background or foreground, in order to overcome obstacle and enemies and to proceed with the level. The platforms popping out from the bottom in SSF2 seems to be based on said ability for the players to change between background and foreground, considering some platform of the same kind are visible on the 3DS top screen.

Tetris: Axis is a puzzle game which makes use of the 3DS capabilities and offered a lot of game modes and special content. Virtually, there's no change in the Tetris formula, players have to fill every horizontal row to make the tetrominoes disappear. As Tetris: Axis is the original Tetris game for the 3DS, it appears on the 3DS stage where the tetrominoes fall from above and plays like a normal Tetris game, though they actually work as platform and can land on players, damaging them. This is the only game in the stage that is no longer available; it was discontinued and removed from the Nintendo eShop at the end of 2014 in favor of its sequel, Tetris: Ultimate.

VVVVVV is a 2D platform game, where the player is unable to jump, but can change gravity to overcome obstacles. The gravity changing mechanic is implemented into SSF2 and characters continuously fall and rise on the stage. There's a minimal difference, though: whereas in VVVVVV the player stands on the roof when the gravity is changed, in SSF2 fighters stay in the same position and cannot stand under the 3DS, the only solid platform of the stage.


Color variants

Early design


  • Prior to SSF2 Beta, this stage was erroneously catalogued as a property of the Nintendo DS universe.
  • So far, it is the only stage to have specially made pallet swaps selected randomly every time the stage is selected.


  1. With hazards disabled only.

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