Jam using his wall jump ability to reach the Mango.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Level number 1

Navigate is the second level of the tutorial of the puzzle-platforming game, Yeah Jam Fury. Like all the tutorial levels, it is not necessary to make this level to beat the game, because the player can start thought the fifth (non-tutorial) level, Find Your Footing.


This second level offers to the player to learn the basics so far for the second playable character, Jam. As always, the player has to get the Mango to win this level, using different techniques, like normal jumps or wall jumps. It should be noted that the player is strictly forced to use Jam throughout all the rest of the level and cannot swap for Yeah or Fury.

Best times

Rank User Best time
1 warrque 00:00:04.93
2 Rachitic 00:00:05.03
3 Eggplantoftime 00:00:05.13
4 HaloFanz 00:00:05.26
5 RukiaPwns 00:00:05.29
6 excelstor1 00:00:05.36
7 poisonivy254 00:00:05.39
8 pipegrounds500 00:00:05.49
9 Bloodyaddikt 00:00:05.53
10 Noodoru 00:00:05.59


  • Even if there are a great amount of yellow blocks, the player cannot get even a single one because the switch option is locked in this level.

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