This article is about Naruto's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For the character in other contexts, see Naruto Uzumaki.
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Naruto
Naruto symbol
Universe Naruto
Stock icon SSF2 Naruto head
Availability Starter
Weight class Medium-light
Final Smash Kyūbi Naruto
Tier D (39)

Naruto is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. His sprites are based off his Naruto: Shippūden design and are a heavily modified version for his sprites from Jump Ultimate Stars. His moveset is from the many types of Jutsu he uses in the manga and anime, including his signature moves, the Rasengan and Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Naruto is currently ranked 39th on the bottom of D tier along with Luigi. This is a huge drop from his 15th-place position on the last tier list. Naruto has fast attacks, great combo ability and powerful finishers in all of his smash attacks, higher stages of Rasengan, back aerial, and down tilt. Naruto can play offensively by rushing down his opponent or defensively by zoning with his shadow clone projectiles. Shadow Clone Slash creates a projectile that can be set as a trap onstage or dropped onto unsuspecting foes, strengthening his stage control, combo game, and edge guarding ability.

However, Naruto's recovery covers a fair distance and is predictable, making it easy to deal with if the opponent knows how it works. All of his projectiles can be out-prioritized or reflected, reducing the effectiveness of his zoning game. He has problems dealing with characters who possess disjointed reach and great mobility (such as Meta Knight and Marth). Naruto also has below average weight which allows him to be KO'd early.

Naruto has a growing player base due to his strong stage control ability and combo game, making him especially popular among low-level players. This led to a lot of hate for the character and calls for him to be nerfed. Despite this, there are few high-level Naruto mains, leading to low representation and mediocre placings in tournaments.


MG icon See also: Naruto (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Naruto can be described as a character with many play styles. He can be played offensively, as a rush down character, or defensively, as a zoning character. Naruto has above average dashing and walking speed, but with poor air speed giving him above average mobility. He has reliable kill moves in his forward smash, up smash, an almost fully charged Rasengan, the Fūton: Rasenshuriken (the initial hitbox stuns the opponent trapping him/her to take the full hit of the attack), his up aerial, back aerial, and his down tilt.

Even though he can rush down his opponents; he can zone or projectile camp with his shadow clone projectiles and leave clone land mines from his Shadow Clone Slash giving Naruto a decent amount of stage control.

His recovery, although covers a fair distance, allows him to deal with edge guarders with the initial hitbox at the beginning of the move and if he presses the attack button during his ascent, he will be able to kick his opponents away. Naruto's down aerial (as long as he is above the ledge) and Rasenshuriken (slows his descent before he throws it) can help him recover horizontally.

Naruto has an amazing ground game with his tilts and dash attack being great tools. His up tilt and dash attack are great for starting combos. His forward tilt is a good spacing tool, while also doing decent knockback. His down tilt is strong which can make for a great KO option.

However, Naruto has problems concerning his recovery, although it can help him deal with edge guarders; it can be easily edge hogged and his recovery will be shortened if chooses to attack during his ascent. Down air can help him recover horizontally, but if he goes to low, then he might not be able to recover vertically. Rasenshuriken, if the player is not careful on how they recover with it, will allow for an opponent to reflect it, which might knock Naruto further from the stage, if not KO him outright.

All of his projectiles can be reflected or out-prioritized, meaning his stage control can be countered and turned against him if he goes up against characters with reflectors. With the exception of his forward tilt, Naruto lacks range in most of his attacks leaving him vulnerable to characters with disjointed hitboxes (ex. Marth and Lloyd). Characters who posses more priority in their attacks also give him trouble (ex. Fox and Tails).

He lacks any reliable ways to deal with projectiles and his crouch is not low enough to make it suitable to dodging projectiles.

Adding on to the fact, Naruto has only average survivability. He has below average weight which allows him to be knocked off stage easily or KO'ed early. With him also having above average accelerated falling speed, makes him good enough to be combo'ed easily, thus giving him another problem.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Neutral attack Naruto does a quick jab, a side kick, and a spinning back kick. 4% 15, 0, 55° 1 8 6-7
4% 7 4-5
5% 29, 100, 40° 9 5-7
Forward tilt Slashes forward with a kunai. 8% 14, 140, 40° 3 11 4-6
Up tilt Overhead kick. Naruto swings his leg over his head in a wide arc. Is good as a combo extender and can lead into multiple options. 8% 35, 80, 90° 3 12 3-7
Down tilt Headbutts while moving forward a bit. Does strong knockback. 13% 17.25, 105, 38° 2 9 3-6
Dash attack Slides and kicks the opponent twice, sticking his leg up. Great aerial combo starter. 2% 50, 0, 20° 2 14 3-5
7% 16, 100, 70° 7-9
Forward smash "Sparta Kick". Naruto lunges forward and kicks forward with his foot. Decent knockback. 14% 29, 101, 27° 4 20 7-8
Up smash Roundhouse Kick. Good knockback. 14% uncharged, 20% fully charged. Good aerial combo starter. 14% 30, 110, 90° 4 18 8-10
Down smash Split Kick, hitting both sides. Decent knockback. 14% 35, 76, 25° 4 16 5-7

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Neutral aerial Sex Kick. Has little start up lag and ending lag making it the best sex kick for extending combos. Can be SHFFL for approaching, can lead into a grab and if used in the air, can lead into a forward air. 8% 42, 60, 43° 2 14 3-5
4% 31, 60, 43° 6-8
Forward aerial Raises his foot, then brings it down in an arc in front of him in an axe kick, meteor smashing opponents. 14% 12.8, 80, 300° 5 20 9-11
Back aerial Swiping back kick. Good knockback. 11% 28, 108, 150° 3 17 5-6
6% 7-12
Up aerial Inverted stomp: Naruto flips completely up-side-down, kicking upwards with his leg. 13% 10, 107, 90° 3 14 5-6
4% 10, 107, 55° 7-9
Down aerial Dive kick. Naruto falls diagonally downwards while using this move. 9% 16, 82, 60° 2 30 5-30

Grabs and throws

Attack Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Grab Swings his arm out to grab. N/A N/A N/A 14 4
Pummel Punches opponent. 1% N/A N/A 8 5
Forward throw Throws the opponent forward followed by two kunai. Can chaingrab opponents. 3% 51, 44, 40° 0 14 9
0% N/A 10
2% 0, 130, 10° 2 100 1-100
Back throw Slams opponent behind him, then slashes them with a Shuriken. 3% 43, 101, 40° 0 25 5
9% 21
Up throw A Shadow Clone appears on the other side of Naruto's victim and kicks the opponent upwards. Another Clone then appears knocking them further into the air. Does not have any KO potential nor any follow up options, making it Naruto's worst throw. 5% 30, 108, 70° 4 39 12, 26
Down throw Starts out almost the same as his upward throw, but the clone appears and runs up from behind Naruto and hits the opponent up, and instead of making a second clone (which kicks the opponent upward further just like in his upward throw), he jumps into the air himself and punches the opponent back onto the ground. Can follow-up into his Back Aerial or a reverse Shadow Clone Toss if the target does not tech when they hit the ground. The second hit is a meteor smash, but its very weak which allows the opponent to meteor cancel the move early. 8% 87, 5, 250° 0 36 20
0% 0, 5, 250° 25
5% 95, 5, 250° 34


Attack Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Floor attack Punches in front of himself, and then kicks behind himself. 10% 69, 25, 31° 2 23 10-11,
Ledge attack Rolls up and does a spinning hook kick. 7% 0, 100, 40°, 110° 2 19 12-14
100% ledge attack

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage Knockback Priority Total frames Active frames
Standard special Rasengan Naruto summons a Shadow Clone who builds up a ball of spinning chakra in his hand, that explodes when released on an opponent or object. When fully charged, it turns into a Rasenshuriken, and deals great damage and knockback when it hits an opponent. 2% 30, 60, 30° 5 21 6-15
0% N/A 7-16
3% 30, 60, 30° 18 3-16
0% N/A 18
2% 32, 10, 10° 7 36 1-36
28% 32, 80, 45° 6 90 1-90
Side special Shadow Clone Toss Naruto throws a shadow clone, which kicks the opponent towards Naruto on contact. Can lead into combos. 0% N/A N/A 20 9
6% 62, 72, 141° 3 40 1-40
Up special Shadow Clone Slash Naruto summons a clone and propels upwards off it, while slashing up with his kunai. He can also kick forward in the process. The clone will fall and stay on the ground for a period of time, unless an opponent comes in contact with it. It will then stun the opponent, while dealing a little damage. 12% 85, 0, 65° 2 18 7-11
0% N/A 7
7% 47, 125, 31° 15 2-3
6% 10, 25, 270° 3 600 6-600
6% 10, 0, 270° 1-600
Down special Shadow Clone Summon Naruto summons a clone which uppercuts from the ground. It can also be summoned behind, and farther from his direction. When done in the air, he summons two clones above him on his left and right, that dive kick diagonally downwards. 0% N/A N/A 16 11
0% 9, 11
11% 31, 109, 90° 3 38 1-10
11% 29, 62, 45° 240 7-240
Final Smash Kyūbi Naruto Naruto transforms in Kyūbi Naruto; enhancing his current moveset. 0%


  • Entrance: Teleports to the foreground using Shunshin no Jutsu (瞬身の術, "Body Flicker Technique").
  • Taunts:
    • Standard: Uses the Orioke no Jutsu (おいろけの術, "Sexy Technique"), and blows a kiss while giggling (His longest taunt).
    • Side: Takes out his kunai and slashes out across in front of him.
    • Down: Summons three Shadow Clones, each one of them smiling with a thumbs-up (His shortest taunt).
  • Fanfare: Excerpt from Rising Fighting Spirit.
  • Wins:
    • Naruto raises his thumb up and smiles in triumph while saying; "だってばよ! (Dattebayo!)" which roughly means; "Believe it!".
    • Enters "Sage Mode" (仙人モード, Sen'nin Mōdo) and folds his arms triumphantly.
  • Loses: Naruto crosses his arms and looks away in an immature way.

Changes from v0.9a

Naruto has received little changes from last demo. However, he is seen as more effective character this demo due to his metagame advancing. Naruto is also one of the few characters who are not negatively affected by the lowered hitstun of the demo. This allows Naruto to escape combos much easier and being one of the few characters who can combo like last demo.


  • Neutral Naruto has received new voice clips from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst.

Ground attacks

  • Buff Forward smash moves Naruto forward.

Aerial attacks

Grabs and throws

  • Nerf Grab range was significantly decreased.

Special moves

  • Nerf Rasenshuriken can now be reflected.
  • Buff Shadow Clone Toss covers a little more horizontal distance.
  • Buff Shadow Clone Slash covers more vertical distance.
    • Nerf The grounded bunshin left from Shadow Clone Slash no longer has a meteor smash effect.
    • Nerf The grounded bunshin has less priority, making it be destroyed, from attacks with more priority

In competitive play

Match ups

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Tier placement history

In the tier lists for demo v0.6, Naruto was seen as high tier character because he was tied with Lloyd for 4/5 of C tier on the first list and was ranked 4th of B tier on the second list. On the lists for demo v0.7, Naruto's was stuck in C tier on both lists where he was seen as a mid tier character. In demo v0.8b, his tier position jumped up to 5th of A tier where he was seen as a top tier character. However, in demo v0.9a, he was ranked 18th where he is now seen as a mid-low tier character. In demo v0.9b, Naruto jumped up to 6th of S tier where is finally seen as a top tier character again. However, the changes in the metagame made Naruto be seen as a less effective character then he originally was, where he dropped to 9th of A tier and is seen as a high tier character.


Palette swaps

Naruto Palettes


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  • Prior to Naruto's inclusion in this game, it was mistakenly believed that Naruto's side special move was to be the Fūton: Rasenshuriken and his down special move to be the Rasengan Smash, in which Naruto slammed a Rasengan into the ground. This became Naruto's down smash in version 0.5a of the demo but was removed in subsequent versions for unknown reasons. Rasenshuriken eventually replaced Ōdama Rasengan as the full-powered variant of his standard special in version 0.8.
  • Naruto is one of (currently) 5 characters to have his availability status changed (he was an unlockable character in the original Super Smash Flash) the other 4 characters (so far) are Mr. Game & Watch, Lloyd, Luigi and Jigglypuff.
  • Naruto is currently the only character in the game to have all of his specials and throws use or involve a projectile.
  • Naruto, along with Jigglypuff, Bandana Dee, Lloyd, Sora and Sandbag is one of the few characters who has a different "Defeated/No Contest" pose.
  • Naruto's art in Super Smash Flash 2 is similar to his art in his appearance in J-Stars Victory VS..

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