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Munchies: How to Buy a Car
The Sam icon.
Publisher(s) McLeodGaming
Animation Flash animation
Rating G
Language English

Munchies: How to Buy a Car is one of the earliest cartoons made by Cleod9. As said on McLeodGaming cartoons page, Cleod9 used to make a cartoon series called Munchies. In this cartoon, a Munchy called Sam talks to the narrator about buying a car in a humorous way. In the beginning, the narrator used to remain confused about Sam's name and used to call him Bill. They give us information about some of the basic things to be seen while buying a car, such as interest, MPG, AMP etc.

In the end, Sam's neighbor sells him a car for $50. Sam asks him to show the car's interior. However, it comes out to be that it was not a car, but just a photo. This gives us a moral that we should always ask the car dealer about the car's interior.


  • Like all the other cartoons of McLeodGaming (except School), this cartoon too does not show credits and cannot be downloaded. Also, the loading is shown in bytes, like all the other cartoons of McLeodGaming.
  • Munchies: How to Buy a Car is the first cartoon of McLeodGaming that provides information, and is one of those cartoons that do not have a storyline.

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