Meteor smash

Mario meteor smashing Donkey Kong with his forward aerial.

A meteor smash is an attack in in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash series that possesses a very low knockback angle, hitting the opponent almost straight down on contact. In most cases, it can be meteor cancelled by jumping or by using a recovery move. If it can not be canceled, then it is a spike which sends the opponent downwards until the hitstun wears off.

In Super Smash Flash

According to the How to Play tutorial, meteor smashes are present in Super Smash Flash. This, however, is something really difficult to perform as the physics are very different to the official Super Smash Bros. games and some are not a certainty. More often than not, the player initiating the move would risk getting KO'd themselves. However, with good timing, some of the down aerials, such as Lloyd's Rising Falcon or Fox's Fire Fox, are guaranteed to KO most opponents at very low percentages.

In Super Smash Flash 2

The physics of Super Smash Flash 2 are changed to make them similar to the Super Smash Bros. games. Meteor smashes are easy to perform on this game but still require good timing to be performed correctly. The information on the section below is subject to change.

List of meteor smashes by character

Black Mage

Move Description
Down aerial Swipes a scythe downwards in an arc, meteor smashing anyone who touches it. If he hits them in a certain part of the arc, Death will appear. He will meteor smash the victim after a few seconds.

Captain Falcon

Moves Description
Down aerial Does an aerial double stomp. If the opponent touches his legs, it will be meteor smashed. If it touches his chest, it will be spiked.
Raptor Boost If used in the air, Captain Falcon will rush toward an opponent and meteor smash it, allowing Captain Falcon to leapfrog over the opponent.


Moves Description
Down aerial Throws his plug below him while flipping once.
Giga-Robo Any aerial opponent that touches Giga-Robo while he is stomping will be powerfully meteor smashed.

Donkey Kong

Moves Description
Down aerial Stomps downward with powerful force.
Forward aerial Turns to the side, extends his arms behind himself, and flips forward while swinging them. This meteor smash is more difficult to use than Donkey Kong's down aerial because it requires very specific timing.
Headbutt Thrusts his head downwards in front of him. It is a weak meteor smash.


Moves Description
Falco Phantasm Dashes forwards very fast, creating "illusions" of himself behind him. Will meteor smash.
Down throw Holds his opponent under him and fires several shots from his blaster into the opponent, sending it downwards to the ground. It has set knockback.


Moves Description
Down aerial Drills downwards with his feet. This meteor smash is extremely weak, and its knockback is noticeable only at extremely high percentages.
Down throw Holds his opponent under him and fires several shots from his blaster into the opponent, sending it downwards to the ground. It has set knockback.


Moves Description
Forward aerial Performs a double axe-punch forwards. Has a sour spot and a sweet spot. Only the sweetspot, at the end of the move, meteor smashes.
Kaiō-ken Goku's forward aerial Performs a fast double axe-punch forwards. Unlike Goku's, it does not require a sweetspot.
Super Saiyan Goku's forward aerial It is the fastest version of all of Goku's forward aerials.
Super Saiyan Goku's down aerial This is a stall-then-fall. Super Saiyan Goku dashes downwards while upside down, body engulfed in yellow energy. It is a powerful meteor smash that deals one hit and goes through opponents, and since Super Saiyan Goku can jump infinitely and use his up special infinitely, this move is safe to use off-stage.
Super Saiyan Goku's up special Warps, hits upwards, and does a double-axe punch, meteor smashing anyone who touches them. This attack does three hits.


Moves Description
Down aerial Flips once while swiping his blade downward.
Down smash Jumps and then comes down with his blade and produces a wave of reishi at the ground. Anyone who touches the sword will be meteor smashed. However, the meteor smash is very weak.
Gazan This is a stall-then-fall. In the air, Ichigo thrusts and holds his blade horizontally underneath himself before falling quickly. In the grounded version, he does a flash step upwards before falling down. This move will leave Ichigo unable to recover because he will still be in the move's animation until he touches the ground or grabs a ledge (although the move does not cause helplessness) and will make him self-destruct if the move is done offstage. He is able to move horizontally slightly.
Bankai Ichigo's down aerial Slashes his sword underneath him. The move briefly halts momentum and is much more powerful to use than normal Ichigo's down aerial meteor smash.
Bankai Ichigo's down smash Is a more powerful version of Ichigo's down smash, with greater range and the ability to meteor smash opponents every single time.


Move Description
Down aerial Kicks downwards while spinning. Similar to a drill kick, except it does only one hit.


Moves Description
Down aerial Performs a downwards drill kick. It hits multiple times, though each hit is quite weak. All hits can meteor smash. Despite the move being extremely weak, Kirby can utilize it to drag the opponent down with him for an easy KO, and he can easily recover, due to his great vertical recovery.
Final Cutter Wields a sword, jumps up into the air, and falls down quickly with his sword horizontally held in front of him. If it hits a character in the air while falling down, it heavily meteor smashes them downwards.


Move(s) Description
Down taunt Bashfully kick the ground and sighs, meteor smashing opponents who come in contact with it.
Down aerial Performs a spinning drill kick that meteors if hit in the center of Luigi during the first few frames.


Move(s) Description
Forward aerial Swings his fist in front of him downwards, meteor smashing during the last few frames.


Moves Description
Dancing Blade Pressing down on the third slash produces an extremely weak meteor smash hitbox. If opponents touch the tip of the sword, they are sent sideways instead. Pressing up on the third slash produces a meteor smash.
Down aerial Slashes his sword downwards, anybody hit with the tip will be powerfully meteor smashed.

Mega Man

Moves Description
Down aerial Shoots a sound wave forward that propels him upwards slightly. Has a sour spot that does not meteor smash.

Mr. Game & Watch

Move Description
Down aerial A stall-then-fall; shoots downwards, key first. Has a medium-to-high duration and does low knockback and damage. It can be jump-cancelled.


Moves Description
Forward aerial Does a wide vertical kick, bringing his leg and foot from in front of his face to under him.
Down throw Uses a clone to knock his opponent into the air and he jumps to knock the opponent back into the ground with weak set knockback.


Move Description
Down aerial Stomps downwards in the air. The move meteor smashes only during the first few frames. If the move connects after the initial frames, opponents are sent sideways.


Move Description
Down tilt Sticks her arm out in front of her on the ground. This move covers a good amount of Peach's body and extends beyond her hand, giving it deceptively long range.


Move Description
Down aerial Swings her arm cannon downwards, any opponent who comes in contact will be meteor smashed.


Move Description
Down aerial Flips once, then kicks downwards hardly. It is the strongest meteor smash in the game.


Move Description
Flowmotion Spins around hitting the opponent with his keyblade, if hit at the very bottom of the move, this move can meteor smash opponents.


Moves Description
Forward aerial Flips and does an wide vertical split kick. When opponents touch the arc of his leg and foot, they are meteor smashed.


Move Description
Down aerial Whips his tails diagonally downwards below him, smashing opponents diagonally downward.


Moves Description
Down aerial Rapidly kicks below him, for eight hits. Each of his kicks will weakly meteor smash. Like Kirby's, it is a drill meteor smash, and as a result, he can drag an opponent down with him.
Forward aerial Sticks his head back and swings it downwards in an arc in front of him.


Move Description
Down aerial Kicks downwards, stomping the opponent. If it connects with her foot upon the first frame of execution, the opponent is briefly stunned and rockets downwards. If it connects after the first frame or anywhere else, it produces a weak meteor smash hitbox.

Zero Suit Samus

Moves Description
Down aerial Does a stall-then-fall diagonal kick that meteor smashes during the entire fall. It is much safer to use than in Brawl, due to its much shorter duration.
Plasma Wire Fires her whip upwards. The meteor smash connects only on the third hitbox on the tip of the plasma.
Flip Jump Performs a flip jump, and, if an attack button is pressed during her jump, she will stick out her foot. Anyone comes into contact with her leg or foot during the first few frames of the attack will be meteor smashed. If the move connects after the first few frames, the opponent will be sent upwards.