This article is about refers to Black Mage's down special. For the technical attack type, see Meteor smash.
New Meteor
Black Mage's down special move.
User Black Mage

Meteor (メテオ) is Black Mage's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Black Mage summons a meteor from the ground or out of thin air which can be charged. When the special button is let go, the meteor will crash diagonally to the ground harming anyone in range with a large explosion.

While charging, the meteor will do slight damage depending on its size. The meteor when falling down is stronger than the explosion, dealing roughly double the damage; at full charge it deals 14%. The angle the meteor is sent can be altered by pressing left or right before releasing the attack.

In the ground, it rises and grows in size the longer the charge. In the air it only grows as it follows Black Mage's path; it also slightly slows his falling speed. When transitioning from the air to the ground the charge will reset.

While it's damage is not that high, the meteor has high priority, going through most attacks. This makes it a hard move to challenge and very useful for edgeguarding, especially against characters with linear recoveries.

Sometimes the move can fail and the meteor will keep moving upwards for unknown reasons.


Meteor origin


Meteor first appeared in FINAL FANTASY III as one of the strongest Black Magic spells, which summoned a barrage of meteorites from the skies. It could be learnt by the Magus job, an upgraded Black Mage.

The fact the move can be charged may be a reference to FINAL FANTASY IV, where the spell took several turns to cast.



Early designs

Standard special move Stop
Side special move Haste
Up special move Warp
Down special move Meteor
Final Smash Random Encounter

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