This article is about Mega Man X's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Mega Man X.
Mega Man X
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Mega Man X
Universe Mega Man
Availability Starter
Tier C (19)

Mega Man X is a starter character of the Mega Man universe (whose name was incorrectly stated as Megaman in-game) who is playable in Super Smash Flash. All of his attacks involve shooting different beams in a way similar to Samus. His sprites were ripped from Mega Man X2.

Mega Man X is ranked 19th on the tier list, just below mid tier. Mega Man possesses a strong projectile game due to the diversity of different shots he possesses, which allows him to deal with characters without having to get close, much like Samus. Also, unlike Samus, Mega Man X does not extend his hitbox when he fires, making his attacks more difficult to punish.

However, Mega Man X's projectiles move slowly and have a slow rate of fire, which makes them fairly telegraphed and thus easy to dodge. Additionally, he has no moves that are dedicated to close range combat, giving him difficulties against fast, rush down-heavy characters.

His pros are slightly outweighed by his cons, putting him at the top of low tier.


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Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack X-Buster Lv. 2 A large and slow shot that hits multiple times. MMX NA SSF
Side attack X-Buster Lv. 1 A fast shot with instant-kill properties. MMX SA SSF
Up attack X-Buster Lv. 1 (Up) Identical to side attack, fired at an angle. MMX UA SSF
Down attack Hadouken A small, fast, and damaging shot. Too fast to do much damage on its own, but can be Down-Augmented into other attacks to be much more effective. MMX DA SSF
Down aerial X-Buster Lv. 1 (Down) Identical to side attack, fired at an angle. MMX AA SSF

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