Mega Buster
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User Mega Man
Universe Mega Man

The Mega Buster, known in Japan as Rock Buster (ロックバスター, Rokku Basutā), is Mega Man's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Tap the special move button to fire a plasma bullet, dealing minimal damage. Hold the special move key to charge energy for a more powerful shot. The player can move and jump while charging. Also, if the player fires shots from the air, it will only fire either the uncharged plasma bullet, or the fully charged shot. There are four stages of charge depending on how long the key is held down for:

  • First Stage deals 4-6% to the opponent
  • Second stage deals 7-8% to the opponent
  • Third stage deals 10-12% to the opponent
  • Final stage deals 25% to the opponent


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MM8 Mega Buster

Mega Man firing a charge shot in Mega Man 8.


Old design


  • Originally, the Mega Buster allowed only one jump, but after version 0.6 was released, Mega Man could jump twice before being required to return to the ground, as of Beta it once again only allows one jump.
  • Earlier versions allowed Mega Man to crouch while charging Mega Buster, but this has been removed as of v0.9a.
  • In the earlier versions, when Kirby copied Mega Man's ability, he could only fire uncharged shots, but now he can charge them up.

Standard special move Mega Buster
Side special move Crash Bomb
Up special move Beat Call
Down special move Water Wave
Final Smash Unknown

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